OFFISHAL OHIO Special Electshon Thread


I doubt o’conner would get 65% of those


Probably not but you never know…


No, he hasn’t won yet (though he most likely will). And Trump is the reason the current spread is .9% - not in a good way.


Probably not. Unless it’s similar to early voting but I doubt it. And leads to another thing I can’t believe(I actually can because he doesn’t change) about Trump. His constant moving of goalposts to show how popular he is. We go from he gets people to win big, to he gets them to win, to see how close it got because of my support, to yay we squeaked out a win but look at what early voting was. Pretty pathetic.


I know it is very anecdotal, but when I was voting yesterday there was a longer line to vote in a primary than I ever can remember. Normally, in mid-day voting (I went around 10:30) there will be a handful of people around my age. Today, the polling station was flooded with youngsters in their 20’s and early 30’s. Most all of them around my neck of the woods own a family farm or work on farms. Good, salt of the Earth folks. And almost every discussion in line was about the tariffs killing their livelihood and how they don’t want a government handout. I’m not sure what that will eventually mean, if anything, but it was interesting.


Yep. That tells me the uproar over the Democratic party moving substantially towards this Democratic Socialism position has been way over-sold. This will continue to remain a fringe position within the left, in my opinion.


It was an interesting watch. I had no expectation Oconner would win. It really amazed me he came as close as he did.

Is there any way at all to really guage whether President Trump going to stump for Balderson helped or hurt?

Come November I would like to see the Green party bow and perhaps endorse one candidate or the other. I hate to think like that, but I feel the numbers just don’t show in that district that being on the ballot there is worth it.

I wonder if there will be any effort made by the Ohio Republicans to alter election voting rules that seemed to have favored the Democratic candidate? Since the gerrymandering didn’t shut out Oconnor. I don’t remember off hand if the State of Ohio legislature is controlled by the Republicans, but I think it is?


It seems the closeness of the race came more from voters who voted for Trump in the more affluent suburbs switching it up and voting for O’Connor this go-round. I think it is unquestionable that there are many voters who voted for Trump simply to vote against Clinton. And these voters are now wanting to place a check on Trump now that they don’t have to contend with the possibility of a Clinton Presidency.

Yes, his base is strong in their support of him, but his base is not near as large as the quantity who voted for him. And since he has done absolutely nothing to attempt to be the President for all Americans, and only trying to appeal to his shrinking base, that will end up costing the GOP seats, in my estimation.


May have to have another special election to fill a vacancy by this Republican dirt bag.

Note: this was ■■■■ bag Donnie’s first endorsement.


Fat Donald says he always “picks the best people” but we know that is a bald faced lie.


The money is actually a lot closer than what this makes it out to be. Yes, the RNC has out-raised the DNC, but that is only a small telling of a larger story.

Total Raised Total Spent Cash on Hand Debts
Democratic Party $510,420,227 $404,913,426 $139,917,862 $11,902,719
Republican Party $629,774,763 $426,000,006 $150,060,391 $1,650,056
Democratic National Cmte $110,040,264 $112,645,182 $9,185,284 $6,353,378
Republican National Cmte $213,054,677 $187,695,079 $50,687,610 $0
Democratic Congressional Campaign Cmte $177,420,165 $115,983,539 $68,118,870 $0
National Republican Congressional Cmte $134,426,445 $81,519,457 $64,343,448 $0
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Cmte $87,197,279 $53,785,059 $36,711,048 $4,179,524
National Republican Senatorial Cmte $75,012,050 $63,339,399 $18,805,588 $0

Also, where it actually counts, in the swing districts that will determine the outcome of power in November…

An unusually large number of House Republican incumbents were outraised by their Democratic opponents in the past three months, more stark evidence of GOP candidates’ money woes, which continue to expand the number of seats susceptible to Democratic takeover.

Democrats in 56 House districts surpassed Republican incumbents in second-quarter fundraising, according to a POLITICO analysis of the latest Federal Election Commission filings. Sixteen of those House Republicans finished the quarter with less cash in their campaign accounts than Democratic opponents, while no Democratic members lag their Republican challengers in cash.

Historically, Republicans in 2018 are faring worse than Democrats in 2010, the last wave election, when the GOP picked up more than 60 House seats. In the second quarter of 2010, 44 incumbent Democrats were outraised by Republican challengers, many of whom captured their seats in the fall, according to a POLITICO review of FEC records. Eight incumbent Democrats also trailed Republicans in cash on hand at this point in the 2010 election.


Amazing how fast Trump’s endorsement turned that election around…


How many of them have you heard this from? Who exactly?


The dem didn’t really run on any issues. And his big point on facebook was a republican endorsed him. Is Kasich just a dem now?


You mean from safe seat to barely winning(if that)? Where was the turnaround? And if you say early voting you’re as desperate for good news as Trump.


Yes, it’s amazing the guy was way down and then won…


Just add this to the ever-growing list of things that he does not understand and is unwilling to educate himself on learning.


It don’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning’s winning." - Dom Toretto


This District was won by ~37pts in 2016. And now it will be won by less than 1pt. Sure, a win is a win, if you want to only look at the small picture. The larger picture should be absolutely terrifying for the GOP.


I’ll add it to the eve growing list of things Cratic doesn’t know anything about:

How any aspect of the criminal justice system works
Margin of error
Early voting

There’s more.