OFFISHAL OHIO Special Electshon Thread


That is something to think about.



My implication is it’s not a broad-based message coming from a lot of candidates.



Is not WHAT message? You shadow boxing?


yes but now you’re gonna have to define and debate…


good luck with that.


Like you would know. :smile:


So Troy won his election? Hmmmmmmmmmm…it was close enough that Trump obviously saved the day. Trump’s energy going forward and his willingness to stump for candidates will be the weapon of mass destruction against libs in November.


Where did I say anything about a “huge message”?

It’s what many if not all of them are running on, and it will become louder and louder as we get closer to election time.

That’s going to bring a huge backlash from every one else and motivate them to get to the polls in numbers rarely if ever seen in off year elections.

The DNC has made it clear they want this to be a referendum on Trump and the far left is going to keep dragging the democratic candidates further and further to the left and they will be driving a lot of the big money as well.

I welcome it.


To be fair, Tom Steyer isn’t helping matters.

But he’s not even running for anything, and most Dems are ignoring him.

But if the Dems DO go down this route, they only have to look to 1998 to see how stupid it would be. WildRose would then be correct.


Idk he wears some pretty rad denim


I do find it funny that the Dems get hit on running Trump but the same met if doesn’t apply to the GOP running on Pelosi.


Yeah, I agree. They don’t even need to mention it. It’s stupid.


If you’re a candidate in a rabid blue district, it’s safe to mention it and even run on it.

But as a national strategy? It was in large part why Newt Gingrich lost the speakership.

Dems better not think the fact that large numbers of people don’t like Trump means they’re eager to vote for someone who will slant far left. So they better be careful not to overreach.


Yeah. A real mystery…


The problem is the Dems in red areas will be tied to what the Dems in blue areas say/campaign on. All it will do is fire up Trump Republicans and get them to the polls in greater numbers. They all need to drop it



Could you try this maybe in English?


Sooo, Trump’s “energy” was able to save a +14 Republican partisan lean House seat so that the candidate could win by +1. Your hope is that this “weapon of mass destruction” will manage to save most of the +14 House seats in November. Guess everyone who doesn’t live in a pretty red district is ■■■■■■. Yeah, that’s how you hold onto the House. I’m going to enjoy my free pizza.


I’m changing hmmmmmmmmmmm to mmmmmmmmmmmm.


Okay. That made me laugh.


I wouldn’t call Ohio-12 just yet… Balderson is leading by 1,754 but there are 8,400 absentee and provisional votes left to count…


Another question. For whoever actually wins this one(probably Balderson but who knows. Saw a Virginia race go down to pulling a name out of a hat in November), do they even put his name on the door to his office? He’s going to move in in September and then there is an election in November. Our doorplates at work for whatever reason take about a month to get.