OFFISHAL OHIO Special Electshon Thread


It’s was the truth, which is why you want to all to ignore it…



It’s only Trumplicans who believe she is the future of the D party. She is a part of the D party as are traditional Democrats. The people in those districts voted for the candidates that better reflect their political leanings. The people in Cortez’s district did likewise.

The results in last night’s primary are going to be repeated in the Sept NY primary between Cuomo and Nixon.

Nixon is going to lose, too.


ABC nightly news.


No it wasn’t. It started with gang of four that couldn’t shoot straight.

Do you remember who they are?


That’s not a link. I googled it and found nothing


I don’t remember what poll they were quoting so I have no link. When I watch/listen to the news I don’t take notes or chase links to see if they are right.


What the ever loving ■■■■ you talking about, son? Balderson went from +11 to a TIE.


Lamestrwam media was holder her up as the future shortly after she pulled her upset. Now not so much.


So link to a poll that has O’Connor up before Trump swung by.


The interviews I saw her give the last couple of days had her looking like a babbling fool with no idea at all what she was talking about.


Emerson +1 for O’connor just before the election.

Everyone knew it was gonna be close.



The race was within a point or two the last three weeks, and that’s how it finished.

There is zero statistical evidence Trump’s rally moved the needle one way or the other.

It MIGHT have…but we’ll never know.

Forgot to add…Trump’s tweet citing that O’Conner was up 64-36 in early voting and therefore this proved his rally made a difference is the grade school mistake that many self-described “experts” on these boards make.

So I won’t be surprised if many of them cite Trump’s tweet as evidence too.


It’s been an MOE Tie for weeks now.

The ONLY reason O’Connor had a chance in hell was because of how much Trump energizes the people who are sick of his garbage mouth.


a close race ended up being close.



It was a +10 Trump district all the way down to +1.

The R’s were very lucky to squeak out a win in a trump district.

rematch in November.



Perhaps but all I am focused on is that there is zero evidence Trump’s last minute rally swayed the race, so the above data isn’t really relevant to determining that.


I prefer to let them believe Trump carried the day for them. Lol.


You have to do an exit poll to get that information.

other than that its an opinion not a fact,



As do I. Like I posted earlier, I want to see Trump campaign for as many GOP candidates as possible.


You dont know that. Trump may have helped…or he may not have…alot of folks stayed home that are more moderate in that section of the state…trump fired up his base who was gonna vote that way anyways.