New Forum is a Welcome Surprise

Got to say I was a little hesitant when I first saw this place, but I’m liking it a lot now. It’s like a breath of fresh air, especially after the mechanical problems with the other place. So good work to all who helped get this together.

Can I ask who all was in on this? They deserve a tip of the glass.




Talk2bill and Adminitrator as far as I know. I won’t go into how I think the sausage was made, only it’s damned good sausage. T2b told us about it around a week or so before opening. I agree, a refreshing change. The two of them should be heralded as saints, and we should consider offering them our women and first born.

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Well, a tip of the glass to both of them. I like this change. Oh, and a message to some of you that hate change – change can be good. Very good. :slight_smile:

Is there a technical “how to” place to go to for things like how the different functions work, how to link to other posts in other threads, things like that?

Or like HOW TO EDIT POSTS? (Hint, hint …)

There is this thread. It started hot, but has died off as of late. Hope this helps.

Well, it looks like they just (finally) pulled the plug on the old Forum. I was able to reply to one post, but when I tried to send my second reply, it said that site no longer exists and sent me here to Community.

So are you here to stay?

Possibly, but not as actively as I was. I do not like this site very much. And at the moment, it seems to be malfunctioning.

Give it a chance, and I bet it grows on you. I, along with a great many others, love it here and it has substantially better features than the old site. The only issue right now is getting edit to work, everything else is plugging along nicely. Anyway, I hope you do stick around my friend. :slight_smile:

It is growing on me … like a wart.


That’s what the last one did!

that’s funny

Dang - now I guess we’ll never know who was the last person to officially post in the old forum. :grin:


It was so broken they couldn’t even turn it off. lol

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It was most likely me. I entered the site on the Settings page and responded to someone who had quoted me. Within seconds of sending that post, I tried to open the next quote response in line and was directed to this site. It is certainly possible that someone slipped one in during those few seconds, but very unlikely.

The worst part about it, I will never know what snide comment Borgia had for me on the post he quoted. :wink:


See, that’s why you should have been getting those email notifications we talked about some time back. The post is in the email, so even if it gets deleted on the site, it can still be read. Haven’t checked if this site has that, though.

Yeah, that’s all I need … more crap cluttering up my email inbox. :smirk: