New Forum is a Welcome Surprise


Something wonderful is about to happen!


I love the computer version…hate the mobile version. It sucks. But I will just have to get used to it right?


I am learning to adapt on the mobile version as well. But overall I am really liking the new format, and yes, especially on the laptop. Good to see you over here by the way my friend! :smiley:


I joined as soon as I saw it. April 18. The other forum is like a ghost town.


I read over there yesterday that it will convert to read-only in a couple of weeks. It will be a shame to see it go, after a dozen years posting there, but I am really pleased that there is somewhere else for us political junkies to engage our inner-nerd. :wink:


i like the mobile version better. much fewer clicks to get to what i want.

for example, on the old site i had to tap four times to see Politics. all i do now is click “SeanHannity” at the top. i do admit the ads slow things down but since this new site takes me directly to where i left off reading in each thread my scrolling is also down.


i think this board will have much more activity. it says i’ve already read 3,200 posts. that’s insane. it’s because it’s more efficient and you can get right to where you left off.


What’s cool is you can use ones that come with your iPad/iPhone.

At least…I can see them. Don’t know what you see.



That’s one of the things I like best. Easy to pick up where you left off.


Had to run in here and post that this “similar thread” notification is awesome


Yeah, that happened to me, too, on my iPhone.


Just noticed that you can see people replying to a thread in real time. Nice.


This one is good for “bad hair day”.


I’m liking it. You can actually follow a conversation as it develops. So many times in the other forum the meaning of a post was lost when it was not connected with its preceding posts.


I have no problem with ads so far. The problem in the other forum is that it would so often freeze my computer while add related files were downloaded. If no problems, I will leave ads. If the forum pays for itself, all the better in the long run.


Hi everybody! No more sig lines huh? Well I was going to use it for full disclosure purposes, since I was formerly known as Gop_fan, well I guess nobody will know now😉 I’ve got some learnin’ to do in here. I don’t know what mode I am in or what, but if I make a typo and try to delete, it just goes crazy, I watch whole sentence deletions, even if I hit ‘delete once… maybe I’m due for a new IPad… Still figuring out how to navigate, good to see familiar people here and any newbies of course.


Welcome Gop_fan. Glad you’re here


Good to see you Conan! Things are moving quickly here. I keep getting that yellow box telling me to be kind… I’m freaking kind! :rage::grinning:


Hmmmmm I am away for a few weeks and come back and everything is changed, Oh well guess I will get used to it


It’s really cool. Many of the problems are gone. Using a phone here is way better. The fact that it takes you to where you left of reading in each thread is the bomb.