New Forum is a Welcome Surprise

The announcement of a new home for the Hannity forum was a surprise but I like the much leaner look. It’s very mobile friendly.

I am sure it will take some getting used to for some and the reset of post counts will make some gnash their teeth lol.


Conan pokes Nemesis. :grin:

Yeah it will take some use too. As for post counts who cares. I rather not let people know I’ve spent way too much time on the board. :wink:


Not sure I’m liking it. Will take some time…

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Yes it seems almost all mobile (I haven’t pulled it up on my pc yet but went to full site and is very similar) and will take a little getting used to, but I’m a fan of the streamlined look and the notifications.


Agreed. Wonder if there’s an option to embed tweets and other media…

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This board is here for you guys - let us know what feature(s) or options you’d like to see and we’ll do our best to enable them!

Here is an example of Discourse (the new community software we’ve built off of) on a few popular sites:

Not a huge fan of the dark design, but some of the features are neat (I do like the subdomain “talk” - thoughts?):

This community added 2k active users and >500 topics per week:

We’ve also enabled visitors to login via Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Google so that the ease of posting is faster. Plus, you don’t have to remember a separate username and password just for the new community :slight_smile:

It’s just because we are so used to the traditional messag board format. I hope this place thrives.


Yes…this is going to take some getting used to.

I like the auto-preview format.

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Hey i figured our quoting!!! Paarty

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@JayJay Hello

Ahh nice, the first icon on the left. Oh whoa. And it’s multi-level. That might take some getting used to, but definitely nice in some cases.

Being able to quickly see the replies to a particular post is pretty cool.

Now THAT is going to take getting used to- waiting until you’re in the editor to do the quoting.

@FreeAndClear Back atcha!

And you can highlight sections and quote just that part.

I also like the auto-preview pane which also is a tips pane. Auto-preview is important for someone like me that commits typos with some regularity!

This will take an old man some getting used to. Lol


Yeah, it’s definitely going to be an adjustment. :grin:


So far so good. I might need a new avatar though.

So here we are…:wink: