New Forum is a Welcome Surprise

And embedded tweets!

You can do it!


maybe add a link to the new site off the website at the top (like the old link to the forums)

Hmm i uploaded my avatar but it did not stick. Weird Mang

Did I reply with quote? :thinking:

Hello everyone.

love how fast it is and how clean it looks. thanks Sean and moderators!

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Did you shake your cane at least twice?

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Can I edit? Why yes, yes I can.

Can I still? Oh yes.

i can see that conan is replying…this is weird…haha…

God, I see forum libs found this place…damn just can’t get rid of em.

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You’d die of boredom and you know it

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So it’s 5 posts per advertisement. That sucks.

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Now that’s creepy.

That’s just plain mean. I hope you cheer up.

Don’t forget to hit the quote button after you click on reply.

If the libs go, I go.

Ah is that what I did, wrong,Thanks

There you go! You got this Conan.

Edit: Also, you only get 10 replies on your first day. Don’t use them all up like I did…


cant find anything in the settings to disable that feature. lame.