New Forum is a Welcome Surprise


You are right. Had to pull the case off to see that. Although to this old fart they are all “iPhones” or “smart phones” or just some dag blamed modern piece of junk technology when I can’t figure them out. :slight_smile:


Well lookie there! You done taught an old dog a new trick! Woo Hoo :man_dancing:


Sell it and get an iPhone 8.


I feel the same about my Dodge F150.


My gamecast has been acting up.


Is anyone having issues in the mobile version of scrolling through a thread, and when on a post that is longer, having the screen jump up and down, like it is trying to determine whether to move you to the next post to read, or keep you on the current “long” post? Which makes viewing and reading challenging.


It’s the damn adverts.


Is there a way to set up a certain number of posts per page?


Yes. Price of a free forum.


Not just mobile, it does it on my pc as well.


Good one!


Yes please. The only way I’ve found to get to the end of some of these threads is to click on the number of posts and select the last one. Pages would be nice.


If anyone cares, ads can be blocked using browser extensions if you have Chrome or Firefox.


I don’t have a problem with ads on my PC. IMHO, it seems like this forum is catering to smartphone apps…which I don’t use. So, once again, I have to ‘evolve’.


The extensions can be added on the phone as well. I’m actually starting to like the new forums. The new dark them is nice, and browsing on the phone is a much nicer experience.


w00t! I feel like I just got out of the penalty box :wink:

hey everybody


go here…


thanks man :+1:


That’s an unfortunate side effect of having an ad every 5 posts. You don’t experience the issue if you have an adblocker blocking those ads.


Gotcha. Fair enough.