New Forum is a Welcome Surprise


Can I suggest some kind of manual sort-of with instructions of how to navigate this new place? The quoting thing was a mystery until I saw someone mention how to do it. Maybe all those tips in one thread might help.


How did you multi-quote like that my friend? I haven’t figured that out yet.



You rock! Thank you!!


Very, very nice!


Y’all collaborate. Good work acsirip, and thank you.


OK…so I came. What now?


Click “SeanHannity” at the top. Choose what you want to see.

Click your own pic in the top right corner (yours will be a “S” until you have an avatar) to see things like who responded to you, if people posted in your threads, etc)


Thank you dear, you’re a pal…I owe you one.



Right below Sean Hannity is a view selector. Category view is similar to the old forum format.


Is there an ignore function?


Man, I hope so. It cleans the boards up when we have trolls, etc.


Thank you!


Ha! Look how they cropped my avatar. Time for a new one, I guess.


I’m wondering if the ignore orders from the other board apply here.


i think it’s perfect.


Mine came in kind of funky also.

I just took the file that I uploaded and cropped it the way I wanted and resized it. Then uploaded the new file here.



Don’t do it!


Stopping by to say Hi.

Hi! I was Cygnus X-1 on the old forum.

This seems weird, but cool. I’ve been around for a lot of changes, but this is way different! OK, here we go.


go here and watch the video and read the posts…