New Forum is a Welcome Surprise


Dang - now I guess we’ll never know who was the last person to officially post in the old forum. :grin:


It was so broken they couldn’t even turn it off. lol


It was most likely me. I entered the site on the Settings page and responded to someone who had quoted me. Within seconds of sending that post, I tried to open the next quote response in line and was directed to this site. It is certainly possible that someone slipped one in during those few seconds, but very unlikely.

The worst part about it, I will never know what snide comment Borgia had for me on the post he quoted. :wink:


See, that’s why you should have been getting those email notifications we talked about some time back. The post is in the email, so even if it gets deleted on the site, it can still be read. Haven’t checked if this site has that, though.


Yeah, that’s all I need … more crap cluttering up my email inbox. :smirk:


Yeah, I can’t much argue with that. Probably why I’ve been less than enthusiastic to find that feature here.


I see old forum has finally closed down.


Yes. I was there when it happened. I had just posted a reply and tried to open the next contact on the settings page when I was locked out and redirected here. So much for “read only” until the end of May. :neutral_face:


You sound like you’re grieving. Hopefully you get to acceptance soon.


No … I’m not driven by emotions like you are.

Acceptance, on the other hand, is simply a matter of fact. The site is gone. End of story.


It’ll be ok, Sam. You’ll see.


I never suggested that it wouldn’t be okay. That’s just you projecting your emotions again.


What emotions would those be?


You tell me, they are your emotions.


Ill drink to that…does carrot juice do?


It would be rude if it didn’t!


You never were OK.


This forum runs more like a real-time chat script. That alone beats the ■■■■ out of pretty much any other forum software I’ve ever seen. Great blend of the two concepts.


I changed my to the “Dark” theme, much easier on the eyes.


so where do we start? I miss MySpace format.