Modern lib fascism on display in today’s trans movement

You’re joking, right?

I guess they believe it’s okay to threaten biological women who don’t go along with this nonsense?

”This university head came in and told us that Lia being on the team was non-negotiable. They also told us that if we ever spoke out about it, we would regret it, and we would spend the rest of our lives wishing that we hadn’t. We would never be able to find a job was something else that they told us.”

So much for Constitutional Rights.


Here’s more evidence of that:

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So…being "V"irtuous means…a few they choose benefit but that success is at the expense of millions.

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O. Asking why people do t beat the ■■■■ out of someone is a call to violence.

No it isn’t. What’s wrong with violence?

I was raised
Catholic as well. I don’t remember ever being taught to wonder why people didn’t beat the ■■■■ out of class mates in the name of the religion.


C’mon man. At least keep it contextual

I m very sorry but men have never business in women’s locker rooms…I don’t give a ■■■■ what sex they are claiming to be.

That’s just pure ■■■■■■■■■ Any man walking into a women’s locker room or bathroom deserves to have his ass kicked by the women who gave a right to defend themselves from that nonsense.


The discussion is about college female athletes being forced to dress and undress in the presence of naked males. Said males then go dominate the females in competitive sports breaking records set by females.
It’s all bull ■■■■ and yes, these 1/2 rate male “athletes” who for obvious reason can’t compete with their own gender should get their asses rightfully kicked and by the girls at that.
This whole “identity” subject is BS. Males do not belong in female locker rooms or on the field, court or pool with females.


You called for the beating of an american. Make all the excuses you want.

I call that self defense since you are calling for women to be forced to share private facilities like locker rooms and bathrooms with men. In any other situation a fully intact dude like Will Thomas undressing with female swimmers would be considered a sexual predator…I see no reason to treat this any differently. The needs and concerns of the actual women should come first.

Somehow with this trans nonsense the 99% of the population that isn’t trans is supposed to just give that tiny minority whatever they want…all while the trans advocates try to normalize their abnormal life style.

If an adult wants to mutilate his or her body to pretend to be something he or she is not that’s their business…they need to stop expecting the rest of us to make it ours. The rest of us all all just supposed to agree with the kook fringe…

If Joe decides he wants to be Josephine it’s not to me or my nieces and their daughters to alter their lives to to accommodate him.

In any other sane conversation those women would actually have every right to defend themselves. But somehow because of this toxic “he’s trans and his pronouns are she and her” toxic horse manure you libs are in love with those young women as was pointed out in the article eagle keeper posted above are being forced into that ridiculous situation.

Your position is lib nonsense.


The libz and progs endorse enabling sex predators. “Higher indoctro-education” institutions that promote that “other gender identity” mumbo jumbo need to have their federal and state funding pulled
for encouraging these perversions. Watch how fast males no longer compete with females.

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I would disagree.

More of a “summer of love “ thing with the “mostly peaceful “ protests.


If people are genuinely ill…they suffer from some kind of condition where they are confused about who they are then of course they should get help.

Instead there’s an industry blossoming around the whole trans thing.

From “ Others on social media pointed out that cities, universities, LGBT organizations and government officials celebrate similar calendar events throughout the year. Fox News Digital found at least 28 other related holidays celebrated in the U.S., including International Asexuality Day, International Day of Pink, Day of Silence, Harvey Milk Day, Pansexual and Panromantic Awareness Day and International Drag Day.

There are also entire months devoted to LGBT causes or commemorations, including Pride Month in June, LGBT History Month in October and Transgender Awareness Month in November”. 3 months and 28 days: LGBTQ events clog calendar as White House faces backlash over Easter announcement | Fox News

How many celebrations of a mental illness do we need? Instead of encouraging it why not treat it?

You might remember Tucker in particular doing some reporting before he left Fox about how this is becoming big business…hospitals making a lot of money cutting things off and putting things on.

And you and I who scratch our heads and wonder what the hell is going on…we are told to sit down and shut up while another simple, the simplest of all cornerstone of our life…you are either male or female…is slowly being eroded away by the left.

Y’all ever wonder why so many kids seem to be confused messes? Maybe it’s because so many adults are pushing nonsense on them…”you really aren’t a boy that’s just what the dr assigned, your are white so you were born a racist, your citizenship doesn’t really matter we’re just letting everyone in, it doesn’t matter anyway because the climate is collapsing and we’ve only got 12 years anyway!”

There’s your leftist gift to American kids.


This is an unexpected gift that should be returned to the giver.

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That is literally where we are…and it happens over and over again with the left.

Great post.


That’s part of the package as is transitioning for kids. I remember when this started with Bruce Jenner or at least it seemed like it. I started hearing people saying this is a different thing altogether than gay marriage and they were mentioning these things that a lot of us never heard of like men competing against women in combat sports and transitioning kids before it had a spotlight put on it.

Some people just needs a ■■■■■■■ beating…