Happy TDofV day!

What about Romans 1?

Is it about being heteronormative as the only acceptable behavior or is it about giving into worldly pleasures over spiritual concerns?

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Oh really?


If this was indeed the plan, it was easy to execute.

Because…again let’s keep it simple.

Something happened to occur on the same day Easter was celebrated this year…something some Christians don’t like.

The next logical question is…so what?

I really do not know how to convey what silliness it is for Christians to get offended over something like that.

Nothing they don’t like is allowed to happen on the same day as Easter?

Do some people really not understand how silly that is?

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Posted the entire chapter above so of course you ignored.

Go read.

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Never dead name Sknyluv

This lib isn’t.

I think people are showing they hatee the person by calling for them to be beaten. And calling them ‘it’…stuff like that.

Stuff like that.

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To, not about ma’am.

The people who spent their whole day on X or other social media yesterday being pissed at Joe Biden and making sure everyone knew it…how better might they have spent their most holy day yesterday?

This is imo what is the spirit behind the exhortation “I desire mercy and not sacrifice”.


So you don’t believe in protecting woman?


More than one?

Romans 1 is about rejecting the knowledge of the one true god and remaining in a pantheistic religious order.

That leads people into a sinful state.

Notice how giving over to lust in Romans 1 carries the same weight as being. A Gossip or Disobeying one’s parents.

And the punishment for this is death… but is that a literal death or a spiritual death?

Yet we don’t see people freaking out over gossips now do we?

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I don’t believe jesus ever said homosexuality or being trans was a sin.

The funeral I was at last monday - Episcopal I think - the priest eloquently said he didn’t view either as sin and reminded everyone there - many of whom were not regulars that their church was open to all…it was very moving.

But yes, your point is a powerful and important one.

Everyone is a sinner. Everyone. and in the rank of sins - if your church thinks it is one - expressing your gender differently, well, that has t be pretty darn low in that it doesn’t affect ayone but one’s self…

Anywho, nice post.

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Day drinking is indicative of a problem.

I don’t believe in beating people up because they are trans.

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Well … your caricature of today’s right wing doesn’t get that far. :man_shrugging:

Nobody said that.

You can’t comprehend.

Not gonna waste my time with you on that.



Perhaps people have strong opinions about religion and what you call the right wing outrage machine is simply a group of people expressing their freedom to speak…

The left wing Outrage Machine has certainly had it’s share of moments…They turned many parts of this country into a third world hell holes for the better part of the summer of 2020…Just as an example.

I have no problem with people of faith responding to Biden’s statement yesterday.

“NOW, THEREFORE, I, JOSEPH R. BIDEN JR., President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim March 31, 2024, as Transgender Day of Visibility.”

So contrary to all the commentary from leftists in this thread he did in fact put the full force of the federal government behind the Trans Day yesterday…Now libs are clammering that NO NO it’s the right wing outrage machine…

No…a collection of free Americans have taken advantage of the opportunity to express their disagreement with Mr. Biden inserting the government of the United States into some random day created by some random person. Biden has once again succeeded in dividing, not uniting. That man is simply the worst president and possibly the worst person ever to live in the White House.

Personally I agree with those who find what Biden did yesterday to be an needless stick in the eye of American’s of Faith.

I’m seriously out say whatever you want I’m fairly comfortable in saying I won’t agree.


I literally watched it unfold on Twitter from the second Biden’s declaration dropped.

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