Modern lib fascism on display in today’s trans movement

I found this a very interesting and insightful read of the totalitarianism which exemplifies the modern lib:

“There were girls who were doing everything they could to avoid undressing with men,” Scanlan told an audience of a few dozen Monday night in the Iowa Memorial Union about her experience as a former teammate of transgender NCAA Division I champion Lia Thomas.

"I saw Thomas smash records — break all of our team records, was nationally ranked, faster than Olympians even,“ she said. ”This university head came in and told us that Lia being on the team was non-negotiable. They also told us that if we ever spoke out about it, we would regret it, and we would spend the rest of our lives wishing that we hadn’t. We would never be able to find a job was something else that they told us.”

The college, Scanlan said, offered psychological services to teammates opposed to having Thomas on the team.

“It’s one thing to tell us not to speak about it. It’s one thing to tell us there’s nothing we can do about it,” she said. “But to tell us that we need therapy and we need mental help if we’re uncomfortable undressing next to (Thomas), that is completely insane.”

“This is about equal opportunity, not everyone opportunity,” Scanlan said. “And if we really believe that, then why do we even have women’s sports at all? ”

The point of this thread is not to debate the topic of trans, which obviously has been discussed already, but to highlight how when people have power they will use that power to force their ideology on others.


Progressivism is fascism.


The only thing that has changed about leftism since their epic murder spree last century is the amount of useful queers in their ranks. They still hate Christians and especially Jews.

That’s it. :person_shrugging:


The odd thing is, a lot of their cult leaders were Jewish or formers.

I wonder if it’s some kind of mass self-loathing psychosis?


You more than make up for it.

I don’t hate trannys. They aren’t really even the problem. You© are.

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A lot of otherwise intelligent people believe in some really retarded things.

And then there’s the short stack morons who simply repeat what they’re told to. :rofl:


I’m all for treating trans people humanely but the Lia Thomas thing is bonkers

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I’m curious as to why the girls simply don’t get together and beat the ■■■■ out of the he/she/ it? And tell the tranny to go compete with his gender, say anything to anyone and it will be a bigger beat down and don’t come back.
And BTW, what happened to all the feminazis?

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Probably because, as a group they’re taught good sportsmanship and respect for others, as opposed to a bunch of whiny cry babies on the outside

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So in the spirit of “good sportsmanship and respect” you’re ok with your daughter made to undress in the presence of a man sporting his schlong? Then made to feel guilty if objecting to be referred for psychological counseling?
Just curious.

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I am referring to the fact that they don’t go around beating people up

So you’re ok with your daughter being forced to not only endure the humiliation but have her hard work to compete against her own gender minimized to accommodate a male pretending to be a female?

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Audrey Hale says hold her beer.

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No, I am explaining why they don’t go around beating people up

That kind of thing is really more of a 1/6 insurrectionist vibe

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Really interesting video. I think he missed the why. He talks about goals, but never says what they are.

Thanks for sharing.

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No offense but that’s just unadulterated bull ■■■■■

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The trannys are beating them up.

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None taken!

Calling for violence against a fellow American. Isn’t that just peachy.

And the leftist are the fascists?

Nice attempt
Just so you know, there is no amount of guilt you could possibly make me feel. I was raised as a Roman Catholic.
And yes, leftists are fascists and communists.