McCarthy gives ALL 1/6 footage to... Tucker Carlson?

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has provided exclusive access to a trove of U.S. Capitol surveillance footage from the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection to Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who has played down the deadly violence that occurred that day and claimed it was a “false flag” operation.

Anybody else think this smells bad?

Nope. I remember when Tuckers home was the target of protests.

With all that footage he will need help pouring through it and will share.

Kudos to Speaker McCarthy for delivering so quickly on a promise he made.

Hakkeem the dream Jeffries thinks the footage is a security issue…Huh…after the security failure on 1/6?

No…Its the peoples house and the peoples footage…all of it. Especially the boring parts with people just milling around.


Fantastic news! Looking forward to seeing it.


Why would he need to pour through it?

Release all of it. No? Strange reaction.

I don’t think it smells bad. I just think it’s going to be fun watching people claiming gotcha looking at edited footage after calling for unedited footage to be released for years.

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Deadly violence = trespassing and lies about injuries to anyone but protesters.


You mean like when I point to the edited footage by the MSM supporting a “hero cop” that can be shown – despite who was doing the editing – to have been acting to a script handed him before hand?

Hey, I’ll post that again just as it was the last time I posted it…

Maybe if the evidence you use is something put forward by those supporting, even celebrating the official J6 narrative and you can use that to show shenanigans?

The presentation idea hinges on it not being edited by us deplorables, because it’s bad when we do it even if all that was done is just cutting it down a bit.

Still, do not be surprised if they Sgt Shultz up.

Anyhoo, this is how I put it…

Does anyone think the 1/6 hearing are "gotcha” hearings?

If it can be shown ANYWHERE to be a “gotcha” then suspicion of EVERYWHERE becomes in play.

Now, I know Left will ramble on and on about anything being “edited” … and this is no exception. BUT this was edited by J6 narrative supporters who are proclaiming the officer in question to be a hero, so it’s their doing the editing and still, I maintain, I will be able to show shenanigans.

So, here is a link to the video, and if you are seeing the same still picture that I’m seeing before you press the play button I want to start with this still image because it contains vital information.

  1. there is the hero capitol cop, he has his hand on his gun and he is pointing at people …

  2. who are in a hall in the capitol building who …

  3. some of which have their hands up in response to his having his hand on his gun.

  4. and obviously somone is taking this picture.

But there are more also important details, remember don’t press “play” yet.

  1. behind the officer is a junction which, as you look at the still you will find that there is a doorway to the right (by the sign) and a stairway to the left …

  2. and on the floor between these is a nightstick … and in this still no other person is in sight.

In the immediate wake on J6 some of the source video from which this video was crafted was up on YouTube and I saw that parent video used to make this one.

So now press play and be prepared for some high praise of the officer … including mention of him leading protestors … which is actually what he did in the original video and which he was doing in the still.

He was leading these people to this very intersection of hall, doors and stairs … and nightstick.

As the officer’s account begins about 46 seconds in note that he has picked up the nightstick and is brandishing it, and not his gun which he had previously, provably, grasped in its holster as he turned to face those he had been leading to this spot.

Now, remember this is an edited video so MSNBC loops back and replays earlier footage at 1:02 where you can see him pick up the nightstick off of the floor where it had been placed.

The officer’s narrative of these events claims he didn’t know these people were this deep in the building BUT he had been leading them and we know this because they say he did and he was not in the intersection in the still picture.

A question: which is more effective for self defense? A gun or a nightstick?

They are shown raising their hands just from him grasping, but not drawing, his sidearm.

But there is more to see at 1:02, for someone is on the stairs taking this video. They can be seen at 1:11 from video taken from within that crowd of people.

What has been edited out of these videos that I saw back in the day is that when he picked up the nightstick he was centered in the video, it was not cropped, not vertical formal, and also seen was a photographer who stepped around the corner at the exact moment to start taking pictures, he was in the part of the image that MSNBC cropped out.

Just this small part of the video is enough, I will maintain, to prove shenanigans.
Watch what happens though in this video, for they do not show him acting like he is retreating up the stairs without chopping up the footage.

In the unedited version I will simply say you would have seen a slower movement with several poses taken brandishing the nightstick and not using video from the crowd. If someone wanted, they can call me a liar and I do not care … the MSNBC version is enough.

It proves the nightstick was left for him to pick up, a nightstick makes it much easier to believe that he was under threat than his gun does.

It is enough to show that the location was prearranged and that this “hero” is taking part in a frame up job.

He led them to this location, had to have been aware of the role he was to play, and he executed his assigned acting … as did people put in place to ensure that there would be video that would be useful.

How much did he, this “hero”, get paid to help ruin these people’s lives?


Nice , but he should have just put it all on an open source platform for all to look at.

Riots and protests are not terrorism. We should all be concerned they used terrorism laws to imprison protestors. Seems most of the left loves it.


Check out what the MSM called protestors, not even daring to call them rioters in this piece, in 2017…

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So unedited good?

Or edited by those who narrative you agree with good too?

That’s pretty funny post.

I only believe my eyes when those with whom i agree show it to me.

Yeah…transparency baaad.

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If dems want to call for it all to be released to the public I am with them. If they want to just re bury it, no.

So you think MSNBC is a hive of Trumpism? That those praising the “hero cop” were working to show anything but he and the official narrative in the best light?

The editors were your side’s own, not mine.

But even then their editing to support your side’s narrative still preserves evidence for what I indicated.

You lot truly are the Sgt Shultz lot.

Giving it to one righty conspiracy theorist ≠ transparency.

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This move encapsulates the modern day GOP perfectly.

You are seriously misreading what i am writing.

Unedited good?

Republicans have become Foxicans.

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It’s transparent and pathetic. And the GOP voters love it.

They did release all of it. Carlson just got first dibs.

I am expecting most of it to be pretty boring…you know like most videotaped insurrections with some nuggets that deflate the J6 edited versions.

Obligatory vague snide inserted here…strange reaction.

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I love that McCarthy quickly and completely made good on his word.

I suspect that is what is really bothering the manipulator caucus here.

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