March 4th, 2021

Maybe he is thinking Rosewood or Tulsa?

Cognitive dissonance is a real thing, and it is painful.

A lot of broad brush painting going on here. I don’t follow 4chan were these things come from to troll people.

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At first… probably.

Then it became something different. A tool for an Uber conspiracy. Something that simply gloms on to existing conspiracy theories.

Like the March 4 thing is a call back to the idea that the US is actually a corporation that is owned by the Bank of England. This is something that came out of the sovereign citizens movement a couple of decades ago.

I seriously no joke if it wasn’t for hanging on here some would probably never here of these theories. I have friends and family who are on all sides and I never here Q mentioned. It’s always about taxes, immigration, and the cost of living.

All I know these things come from the bowels of 4chan many with the intent on trolling. Not sure why anyone would pick it up and beat someone over the head with it that doesn’t bother with such things. Has anyone on this forum on the right mentioned supporting q or acts like it?

I would bet most would find they care about issues like taxes, migration and spending for a fiscal conservative like me or abortions and such for social conservatives. The other stuff is just silly like the 911 truthers it’s a waste of time.

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Q is not real… but it has had a negative impact on the GOP and there is proof on this board.

Well played.

I have been interested in conspiracy theories for quite a while so I pay more attention than most.

I did see Q stuff infecting the social media feeds of people that I grew up with or have known through other circumstances.

They were already generally primed for it by already being anti vaccine. It really got people believing in an alternate reality.

More than Pizzagate. I didn’t see that in any of my circles even though we all know it was floating out there.

I think that a literal cult that has risen up because of a leader is a pretty dangerous thing. I don’t care who that leader may be.

Some of the people that I know who were advocating Q stuff was all in on the US military taking over. That ideology is double plus ungood.

But it makes sense for a psy-op intel agent whose aim is to sow distrust of the outside of Q reports that paedophilia and human trafficking are being used by power-brokers to fund their operations and blackmail other lesser powerbrokers.

Or… and now here me out… the entire thing is a scam.

TBH, It seems a bit too elaborate for a mere techie to have contrived as a mere scam to gain advertisers.

gain advertisers? It was a scam to dupe the emotional and easily manipulated masses.

I agree.

The engagement algorithms of the social media feeds have a good amount of blame for disseminating the conspiracy

Flat earthers should have been the canary in the coal mine.

It’s bad but we can see how much support it had at the capital it’s the fringes that we should worry about on both sides I agree but we tend to lump everyone in the same category.

I have stated before I mostly vote republicans because sometimes it’s better for my taxes. There was only three issues that Trump said that I liked. Ending the wars and bringing back troops, slowing migration, and lowering in-sourcing/outsourcing.

Literally then Senator Obama talked about the same issues campaigning before elected. They are not extreme and I would consider mainstream.

The whole Q thing is just a way to distract everyone from the real mess going on from spending, migration, and losing our manufacturing base. I don’t care what some idiot on 4chan says I do care about a two trillion dollar spending plan, higher energy costs, and watching the nasdaq disintegrate; these things really effects us Q isn’t going nowhere we saw the height of it and it will wither away into some dark hole now like previous 4chan creations.

I have no problem with the positions that you advocate… as long as we are operating within the same reality I have no problem with having political disagreements.

It is the separate reality that is worrying.

If there was a group on the left that advocated for the type of reality that the Q adherents do and were a large enough force to be a factor in storming the Capitol… I wouldn’t dismiss it even though they would be on “my side”.

I don’t think that Q will wither away. I think that it will change. Like how Pizzagate fed into there being a space for Q… I think that the conspiratorial nature of a growing segment on the right … and I say Evangelicals… will just continue to grow and morph into something different.

You had the Russia collusion conspiracy theory, an insurrection against the WH for four years by media, Democrats and intel agency leadership . Are you blind? You still hold on to that one after it’s been thoroughly discredited and debunked.

We were discussing your conspiracy theory re the source of Q.

I followed the drops for one or two months but lost interest after that. The information presented was too complex for the mere owner of a channel to assemble. What in the background of your two proposed evil geniuses suggests that level of familiarity with intel agency MO?

It wasn’t a “conspiracy theory” per se. If one was to read the Mueller Report one would find plenty of instances of what we would call “collusion” but that is not a legal term.

For many reasons, they could not make a case for criminal conspiracy.

They didn’t have any familiarity with intel… they were making it up.

But the Q drops were so vague that they left it to the various “bakers” to fill in the gaps.