Let's Put The Lie In The Grave - MAGA Fraud RIP

Yet case after case after case no joy.

Now a switch.

Merry Christmas, John. Unclench your fists and win one.

Trump this, Trump that, etc., . . . :roll_eyes:

Fraud this, fraud that.

Did Brandon get frauded, too?

Seeking the truth is what winning is about.

Bait and switch?

Two impeachments and referred to DOJ is what losing is about.

Oh and this:

No, switching the definition of fraud due to cognitive dissonance.

Getting back to putting the lie in the grave, the fact is, there was no widespread or significant voter fraud in the 2020 election. The election manipulation appears to have been intentionally concentrated and limited to a few key battleground states and geographical districts which decided the election’s outcome.

Now that we have settle things a bit, Merry Christmas back at you and yours!


How was it “concentrated”?

There were no “battleground states” in 2020.


You have just won the following:


Merry Christmas

You didn’t read that before you posted it, did you?

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That took gumption.


What do you see?



The term fraud is carefully used for the implied legal implication in these little eworld chats.

Cheating is more appropriate. Most of it legal, all of it near impossible to prove.

Oh, fer Pete’s sake. Somebody has to lose an election. That’s the nature of it. And if you can’t prove something this serious actually happened, it’s irresponsible to whinge on about it.

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That’s because “fraud” is an actual crime - a wrong that needs be remedied - whereas whing about “legal cheating” is just being a sore loser.

You guys (falsely) claim “fraud” because it sounds a lot better than just throwing a tantrum about how unfair it feels that your guy lost.


You guys?

THESE GUYSHow about ?

And how about these guys in their own words?

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You didn’t read that one, either.

So what if people whine about it?

It only hurts when there is a touch of truth.

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You ignored the entire intent of my post…which was essentially the same thing with a reversed bias.