As the Senate is now done for the year, how did Biden do in his first two years compared to Trump on Article III Judges

Biden v Trump on Article III Judges confirmed in first two years


1 Supreme Court Justice
28 Court of Appeals Judges (effectively 27 since KBJ went to the Supreme Court)
68 District Court Judges (effectively 66 since two were subsequently elevated)
0 Trade Court Judges

97 total Article III Judges

Trump (first two years only) (also note Trump did far better in his second two years)

2 Supreme Court Justices
30 Court of Appeals Judges
53 District Court Judges
0 Trade Court Judges

85 Article III Judges

Both did roughly the same on Court of Appeals Judges, but Biden significantly outpaced Trump on District Judges.

Will Biden be able to match Trump’s blistering pace in his second two years? That remains to be seen. Keeping the Senate obviously was crucial in keeping the Biden Judge train moving.

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The scary part is that if something happens to a Supreme Court justice in the next two years there is nothing between Biden and the American people.
And Trump helped contribute to this in Pennsylvania and Georgia.


I love it when you guys(c) think you speak for “the American People.”


There hasn’t been for 2 years now and they’ve really managed to screw things up way more than they could’ve fixed them. Those pockets aren’t going to just line themselves. :man_shrugging:


Thank you.

Biden has the intelligence of a Turnip (so does most of his administration) and everything he does turns to Crapola.


He is still upright…tough old geezer.

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Now to paraphrase the late Paul Harvey, on to “the rest of the story.”

As in the OP, Biden did well, outpacing Trump overall.

But interestingly, we have fallen farther behind.

When Biden took office, Trump had managed to whittle down the total number of Article III vacancies to 46, a low for recent years. 2 on the Courts of Appeals, 43 on the District Courts and 1 on the Trade Court.

As of today, 81 Article III vacancies exist, 9 on the Courts of Appeals, 70 on the District Courts and 2 on the Trade Court.

The answer is that Judges are taking senior status at a blistering pace as well, likely in an effort to allow their successors to be nominated and confirmed while the Democrats control the Presidency and Senate.

This always happens, of course, and Judges of both parties have always done it.

However, the shock of Trump’s successes and the fact that Trump was able to fill so many judgeships has likely sparked this much heavier than usual race for the exit.

Of course, it gives Biden a lot more seats to fill and makes it much more likely that he may ultimately break Trump’s single term total and very possible may break Jimmy Carter’s record for most Judges appointed in a single Presidential term.

Ironically, Republican control of the House actually HELPS Biden in this regard. Because Democrats know most legislation passed will die in the House, they won’t waste time on legislation and instead will devote that time to firing out Judges as fast as humanly possible.

The combination of record number of vacancies, Democratic control of the Senate and Republican control of the House likely bode extremely well for Biden’s Judge prospects.

Good post.

This is how they win. While MAGA investigates the investigators, progs put judges in place who will wrap crit into the protection of precedence.

The genius of Bell and Crenshaw.

It’s brilliant.

The Sun Tzu method of fighting the right battles.

The MAGA has a habit of choosing the wrong battles to fight.

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They only want to “fight” the one battle.