Let's Put The Lie In The Grave - MAGA Fraud RIP

How is that the basis for being “not so bad”?

He lost to Shrek with a Stroke.

Come on man.

Did Oz even live in the state?

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The election systems are not credible and are insecure. That was the party line from Democrats in 2018 and 2019.

President Biden said as much ahead of the 2022 elections if they go “the wrong way”.

Security systems that had existed were compromised in 2020 by universal vote-by-mail with little to no check on the signatures along with counting of ballots that arrived after the election day.

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I disagree with Sean.

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No they weren’t.

Of course you do.

Do you get it now?

This surprises me.

Lol for real.

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Patient still has a weak pulse. Maybe just stash it in hospice for awhile. Perhaps a thoughtful nurse will come by and put it down humanely.

What happens when the Uniparty goes to town on XMAS—when Trump is in exile, due to the globalist coup which is applauded by all hypocrits.

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I honestly don’t understand what you disagree with? That he testified under oath? That he stated, “I did not believe it for one second?” I’m not trying to be confrontational and I’m medicated right now, so I really don’t understand.


I think it depends on what a person considers fraud.

I don’t think there was massive ballot stuffing or vote switching, though I do believe mail-in voting makes those things more likely.

I do think things were done that both influenced voters, notably the social media story suppression. I also think many states illegally changed election rules without doing it the proper way because “PanDemiC!!!1!”.


Here’s the hilarious part. When this all started I was convinced this was going to be a way bigger fight because at the state and local level American elections have always been a disaster. Always. Didn’t even reach the standards we impose on other countries.

But it turns out that thanks to the Help America Vote Act, one of the only 2000s bipartisan bills, linking SSNs to voting registrations has literally almost entirely eliminated voter fraud. It has eliminated large scale stuff like dead people voting entirely.

Trump proved how clean our election system is.

Ok, it must be me. I thought she was talking about the Sean Hannity article. Just couldn’t understand what the disagreement was, the article was straight forward.

He abandoned the SS Trump.

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Based on it not happening. :+1:t4:

That is a ridiculous statement and not at all true. And a slap in the face of every election volunteer and official everywhere.

Stop spreading disinformation. F6.


He was. The sole charge of his 2nd impeachment.

In 2016 I was told social media didn’t change one vote and it was not said in a nice way. The very notion was scoffed at with derision and sarcasm as one of the stupidest ideas ever put forward.

Yes if the govt. squelched free speech they should be smacked down in the most public manner possible, but I have it on good authority that;


:crazy_face: :rofl: :crazy_face: :rofl: :crazy_face: :rofl:

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Please, partisan nonsense, go get a court conviction.