Is Anyone Noticing An Increase in Deaths Among Our Youth?

Is it my imagination or is there an unexplained increase in the death rate among our youth? I keep seeing article, after article, after article and I do NOT remember seeing this rate ever before.

They noted that Gwen was fully vaccinated and was asymptomatic after “occasional” positive COVID-19 tests amid the surge of the omicron variant.

As always, we have to state that we have no indication it was the jabs. As always, we have to point out that the possibility of the death being caused by an adverse reaction to the Covid vaccines is one only a handful of news outlets consider, at least in print.

Different sources are asking this same question, why?

As time goes on, let’s all watch this together. Is there a problem? Are there more deaths in our youth and if so, why?

Is it possible it’s vaccine related or is Smyrna on another conspiracy binge?


Is there a problem? Yes imo there is.

There’s too much of it going on to be a coincidence. Again imo.


I immediately thought of the four friends I still thankfully have who’ve had heart attacks in their young 30’s, though in fairness, each of them also had an energy drink problem.

The first funeral I attended after I got out of the army was a buddy who died of a heart attack at 44. He loved drinking red bulls all the time.

Also, most people my age are NOT getting nearly enough nutrients, much less vitamins and minerals.


If you happen to see an article where a young person has died and there doesn’t appear to be an explanation, post it in this thread and let’s all watch this together.


I’ve already been watching myself.

Now way would i allow a young person to get a covid shot especially now that the covid is noticeably weaker.

I have two granddaughters both below 7 and that’s the conclusion here too. The risk of a COVID death is minimal and IMO these unexplained deaths present a risk that exceeds that.

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I have a 9 year old granddaughter and a 3 year old grandson and my daughter has no intention of allowing them to get covid shots.

In fact she has trained her daughter to start screaming if they come near her with any sort of shot at school.


isn’t it possible these people are unvaccinated and dying of Covid?

Or that the trend started before Covid and some are exploiting it for reasons.

It’s early on and I don’t have the answers but the examples used have been vaccinated, are young and were considered to be very healthy. What I have is enough to ask questions. Keep your eyes open in your neck of the woods and if you have any examples that can help shed light on this, please post it?

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This. It’s been a trend that’s been going on for years. Young Americans are also dying at higher rates than their European counterparts.

Posting examples is not going to answer the question. We need data. First determine if there has been an increase in the number of young people having heart attacks. Then determine if the number of young people having heart attacks was increasing prior to the availability of vaccines (the WebMD link below talks about a rise in teen heart attack 20 years ago). Then determine if there is a causal link between vaccination and heart attack, or could there be other causes.

Heart disease after COVID: what the data say.


Then if I’m understanding this, science is acknowledging that more of our youth is dying but it’s being associated as a remnant of having had COVID and not the vaccine?

That article didn’t focus on age and it is not conclusive. The point of my posting is that there are some indications that the risk of heart attack increases after someone has had covid but more study is needed. Assuming that there was a statistically significant increase in the number of teens dying of a heart attack in 2021 and 2022 (and I haven’t seen any data one way or the other on that) it could be due to vaccines or it could be due to covid or it could be something else altogether. If you google you will see that teen deaths from heart attack have been increasing for many years. Here is an article from 2019 -


Thank you. You’re a very detailed person so I appreciate your participation. I may be completely wrong but the unexplained deaths of our youth, especially those that tend to lean more athletic, “appear” to be the ones most effected? I welcome your observations, comments and thoughts.

Are you guys trying to tie this to the vaccine?

First…I’m trying to see if there truly is an increase in the deaths of our youth or is it my imagination and secondly, if there is an increase, why is it?

@JimmyC answered.

…and I’m still asking questions because I know how much I do not know but it appears that something bad is happening in this area concerning our youth.

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