Is American Common s Sense being Flushed away in the Face of Promises of Everything for Free?

It’s not hard to notice that those that seem to be supporting the very far left and what is very much rampantant socialist propaganda are some of our very newest voters or those who just be old enough to vote will be able to vote in a Presidential Election for the first time in 2020. These are voters who are either pretty new to the adult full time work force or still in school and most of their formative years where things like economics and employment were things they were becoming more aware of by seeing the impact on their families, and to some extent what they wanted and could not have. These are also a majority young adults that came up through the public schools which mst of us have to admit have become very much the preachers of socialist equality right down to having students believe that a good day’s work is equal to a good day of doing nothing as long as both are happy with the result; that everyone deserves a good metal for trying and no one gets a metal for doing their best and winning.

So, of course, politicians promising that their bills were get paid whether they spend 4 years getting an education or 10 to complete the same course work; that Healthcare will be free and equal so they don’t have to pay for it and everyone gets the same care because there is no better of lesser options. And they just buy into the platitudes that don’t worry about it this country can afford it when we take all the extra money some people have made away from them so everyone is equal. And we will pay for yu housing and stipend your food and so on. They see this as basically a great deal as they can then spend their money on the things they wants to buy but not have to buy and are ready for the luxury of this fantasy.

Sadly since they were not the ones coping with the recession of and dismal outlook of the Obama era they don’t really see where this country has gone in the past 3 years and how much better off they are than their parents were and without just getting freebies.

Because such a rosy picture is painted they don’t see as so many others in others countries have that this time the leaders will do it right, and nt understand that socialism just doesn’t work as any other socialist experiment that has failed. Many countries have tried it and many like the UK ether modified it so it mostly was not socialism or keep trying until country like Venezuela failed, much like Finland has recently. Common sense tells you that the principles of socialism cannot work, and that there is a good reason why, when these counties fail they are left with a small group of wealthy politicians and a large number of people without anything that they were promised and those expecting to get these promised things are the ones blamed for the plan not working.

Maybe they need to hear from some of the 20 somethings washing up against the US southern border wanting in and asking them why they have left their homes to seek a better chance, and will hear over and over the same tale of being promised new housing and better conditions, and free education and healthcare and subsidized food but the party they were never told was where soon the gov was telling them what they would story or if they could study at all or if they needed to take up trade instead. And that they were expected to work but saw little pay as most of their money was going to keep everything equal for everyone to have everything. That everyone had access to the same healthcare facilities but only those that are approved got treatments paid for and that depended on what they needed treated and their age and their ability to work when well again and so on. And they watched as prices went up, while incomes fell and taxe were greater and promises were not kept, while politicians and bureaucrats got rich and had nice homes white the homes given them started to fall apart. Many of them at the border want a chance t have a fair wage and a fair change to prosper. Those there sill looking for free things re there because they are still buying to the fantasy that someone will eventually have enough money to do socialism correctly.

And none look at those painting thies picture of free and easy equality in all things and checking what their bank accounts look like. They don’t stop to think the biden and Sanders and Warren are really planning of getting a taste of “Medicare for All” and loving it. Oh they will use it buy when they want more or better for themselves or their family they will have the money oto have them that none of use will. And commons sense , if used, would tell them that none of these people plan to give up 70% or their wealth to help funs th8s free for all giveaway.

Fantasies and dreams are nice but at some point you have to walk u and use some common sense and ask to be shown just exactly how it can be done and when the answers are not forthcoming or make no sense that should be what you’re basing your vote on come election day not of some dream you are being sold.

While the Republicans can do a good job to show just how far this country has come under Trump they also need to fight a bit of the socialist fire with fire and make the common sense of the situation be heard and what 3 years of a Warren or Sanders or Beiden administration will look like and how all the free stuff they imagine they will have will never materialize. This country will end in 12 years but not due to climate change, but do to democratic socialist policies if we let them get a foothold.


Financial maturity develops along with examining your paychecks and noticing the taxes coming out of your gross earnings. When the realization of the energy, time and sweat that it took to make a dollar becomes a reality in one’s life, the pain of taxes also becomes real. Until then, you’re spending other peoples’ money and that’s easy. When it actually comes out of your own pocket, a mature level of financial discernment sinks in…and you start to reexamine how YOUR tax dollars are being spent.

Welcome to Hannity Land Pam.

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It is funny when people are upset about the common folks benefiting from taxes being used for them but have no issue with tax money going to people like Trump and his friends.

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What’s upsetting are those, who “choose” not to give their best efforts to their country and fellow citizens but expect their payday in return.

If an individual needs financial assistance due to circumstances beyond their control, that is in part why I work. That just represents the taxes earned. I also have many opportunities to assist those in need…on a personal basis and it’s my pleasure.

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That is distressing.

Imagine if we held that standard for all people regardless of their financial status.

Imagine the industries we have that are pretty much completely propped up by government that would pretty much completely disappear because those who work in those industries didn’t choose to “give their best to the country” but instead influence government to pass laws favorable to their industries.


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Imagine there’s no country…it isn’t hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for…no religion too. :sunglasses:

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Which “gives more to the country”, industry or the people demanding free?

Industries that wouldn’t exist without government give nothing to the country.

They take and make things more expensive.

What industries would that be?

Do your homework, as I have done.

You’ll find out.

Would the 40% of people who don’t pay taxes exist without the government? What would that look like?

You’re the one who brought this all up. Please…fill in your blanks?

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Industry gives for more to the country than the group of people demanding free.

All those demanding free college, how will they earn their living after they graduate?

Not worth my time.

And your the one making the claim – so you should be able to back it up.

Fairly common occurence; the (general) left drops unsupported opinions then refuses to back any of it up- sometimes while calling readers lazy for not ‘knowing’.


Yes. Only the left tells people to do their own research. :rofl:

Is it an equally common occurrence for board moderators to attempt to bait?

This is a couple threads now.


Ahhhhhh…so asking you to finish what you started is now baiting? Wow…who knew?

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That’s not baiting.

Your the one that has made a so far unsubstantiated clain and told me to spend who knows how much time trying to find these mystery industries.

I’m taking about insults.

This is several threads now where a board moderator has divined what a poster is thinking and made a rude comment about it.