Inner city thugs are actually rednecks

With all the CRT talk in recent months, I found this video fascinating. Although I’m not completely sure, I think this is one of the essays from Thomas Sowell’s book “Black Rednecks and White Liberals”.
I’ve always been especially annoyed by redneck and thug behavior, and this video explains the connection between the two.
A lot of the reckless behaviors attributed to Blacks actually find their origins in Northern England, the Scottish Highlands, and Northern Ireland. People from this area immigrated to the American south, while immigrants from the Scottish Lowlands, Southern England, Germany, etc set up in the northern states. It makes sense when you think about it; because of slavery they were around these redneck types their whole life and may have sought to emulate them after gaining their freedom.
Even ebonics have their root in the terrible, lazy English of the southern crackers. Apparently the book was released in 2005; I wish I had discovered it long ago.

The Origin of Black American Culture and Ebonics

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Peas in a pod.




In the beginning the narrator reads from a 1950’s Indianapolis newspaper opinion article that we’ve been conditioned to assume is describing blacks, but it is actually talking about whites from the south messing up the cities. Toward the end of the video he talks about how integration was happening in the north but it all got reversed, and segregation started when the blacks migrated from the south, bringing their redneck behavior with them. This shows that the problem is cultural rather than racial. The race hucksters must hate this book.

Absolutely, it was never about race. Skin color is one of several key tools for manipulating the dumbest, most reactive elements of society. Useful idiots, as it were.

It was always the culture. Black people just had the rotten fortune of integrating themselves into the “wrong” (best) one.


This sounds alot like “the devil made me do it.”

…and considering that “easy” answer, I’d say that more often than not, those who are thugs, regardless of most all other factors, simply didn’t have a father to kick their butts when necessary and teach them respect for authority…period.


I don’t see it so much as an excuse but rather just an explanation of where the terrible behavior began. I’ve always trusted Thomas Sowell and don’t think he wrote this book as an exoneration of bad behavior in the inner cities.
Like white trash, blacks in the ghettos could make different choices to escape. Most don’t.

What if physical punishment actually makes thugs?

And I don’t hit my children, or kick, or spank. Will they grow up to be thugs?

When the punishment is done out of love and not because the parent is upset and the punishment is done to make themselves feel better…is what makes all the difference.


I wish you and your children well and as time goes on, you’ll learn your answer.

How do you know?

…years and years and years of personal observation. That said, I was the kid who wrecked cars, got kicked out of school and constantly raised hell. My father continuously but lovingly put his foot up my butt while demonstrating love of family, a professional nature to provide for us plus living a personal life of gratification. I am not unique and the only difference between me and a thug…was my father.

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You weren’t in the military?

I think you’re assuming cause and effect. There’s no guarantee you would have become a thug if your dad hadn’t used physical punishment.

No. But didnt you once tell us at least one is trans?

No, I never said that. Why? Are we going to turn this thread into yet another transgender thread?

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You wanted to turn it into a spanking thread.

Why would you think that? I was responding to another poster who brought up corporal punishment. Maybe spend less time thinking about my children and more time following the conversation.

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Oddly enough, I only got arrested the first time in my life within a year after my parents’ divorce. Sure was easy to raise hell without grouchy old dad there to ruin my fun. :thinking: