Ingraham: ‘America We Know and Love Doesn’t Exist Anymore’ in Some Places, Look at ‘Massive Demographic Changes’


I’m advocating White Genocide because I’m in favor of immigration?


Who are you to say they can’t?


What about article 4 free inhabitants?


Are there not a middle ground between wanting the immigration laws to be enforced/desiring less immigration and no race mixing/animal immigrants?

Because I agree with the left on a lot of issues but I am not on board with 14 million illegals running around in the country, and ignoring immigration laws. There has to be a way to express concern with immigration without having to pick up an edition of mein kampf and visiting a next skinhead meeting?


Yes there is a middle ground. I want illegals deported and immigration laws enforced with a comprehensive immigration reform that makes it easier to legally immigrate.

Unfortunately people like Zeitgeist have to come along and ruin the entire idea for everyone.


Wait, are you saying I’m NEVER gonna be in Prince’s band?! :frowning:


While I agree with some of your points, why do you have a problem with race mixing?


Apart of the leftist idiots, we, Europeans, have a huge problem with race mixing
Before we debate if its a good or bad idea to mix up races, we have to clarify that Europeans are in their countries on their home ground and only they can decide if they allow mass immigration, mixing up ethnicities and so on.
The Hungarians for example said “No” and there s no “race mixing”. the Polish and other east european nations agree with the Hungarians. Will you call all of them “racist” ?


I have not read his comments but I want what you just said, but as soon as I and many others talk about this subject even in the most delicate way we often get branded a racist one step away from reopening up the gas chambers of Treblinka.

My fears is that this issue which often gets shutdown by the left is only inviting the real far right elements to take over. We have seen this happen in the past accross the world throughout history, and we are seeing it happen in most of Europe atm, the right is rising fast.

The people in Europe it seems have little faith in the moderates to address the issue so their turning to fringe parties. I’m not speaking of the Trump wing but elements of the FPO party in Austria. The Jörg Haider type politicians, and then all it takes is the wrong arch duke to get killed or some other niche event to launch all hell across the world.

This is a topic that a lot of people in the west are concerned about it ranks #1 in most of Europe and is high in the U.S. as well and it’s often castigated aside by the left saying they are just the racist fringe, this could backfire on us all. I really don’t want this.


You misread or I mistyped. I have zero problem with race mixing, most of us are mixed one way or the other. I was just commenting to someone who was saying “Why don’t you just say it your against race mixing and all immigrants are animals”.

I was trying to ask can you not just be for immigration enforcement without having to be a racist bigot at the same time. Sorry if I offended anyone I’ll reread my post and edit if needed but it was addressed to another post.


Its illegal to marry a African woman in Hungaria?


So funny how the liberals got triggered at my post about Coudenhove-Kalergi, not even understanding the point :sweat_smile:
They cant accept the idea that mixing up Europeans with Africans and Middle East poeple with the aim to eradicate teh white race in Europe is actually the same stuff like Hitlers one from ideological point of view (the tools are different).

And if that cant be (so far they decided like that), then it isnt allowed to be. So blame those who dare to speak out things like that…Liberal mental disorder is the main problem we face nowadays


No, it isnt! But they dont allow masses of people from Middel East to enter their country and remain there and dont take any so called “refugees” from Africa.
Im sure there are any mixed Hungarian-African families, but that isnt the point


So they are cool with race mixing.


no one is trying to eradicate the white Europeans.


Just suck it up, liberals! So are the Polish, the Czechs, the Slovakians, Bulgarians, Romanians, Baltic nations and actually all East Europeans. Your braindamaged globalist open orders mixing up ethnicites agenda of Soros&Co crushed there against a wall


so again is it illegal to marry a African woman in any of those countries?


So a bunch of former Soviet satellite states?

Makes perfect sense now.


yes, thats a Putin conspiracy and they all meddle in your elections :rofl:


also a bunch of countries no one want to immigrate too.