Ingraham: ‘America We Know and Love Doesn’t Exist Anymore’ in Some Places, Look at ‘Massive Demographic Changes’


Not at all. People who call you a racist for just opposing illegal immigration are idiots.


People aren’t clamoring to immigrate to the run down side of the former iron curtain.


well, the EU has put them under pressure to take so called “refugees” but failed
You can adjust the reality however you want, no one is allowed to immigrate illegaly and in masses to that countries. But lots of west Europeans immigrate there because the cities are much safer since there are no Africans, Arabs and lots of other unwelcomed “guests”.


no scary brown people?


Lol people aren’t leaving Berlin for Budapest.


You do know you Europeans were “unwelcome guests” in Africa for the better part of a century, right?


You imagine you are something special living in America, dont you?
Get your history class and get educated. In East of Europe are lots of very attractive cities like Prague, Budapest which I would chose to live there over the ■■■■■■■■■ Chicago or San Francisco


Never said they weren’t attractive cities in their own rights.

And I’ll take Miami, New Orleans, New York, Memphis, and Atlanta over anything in Eastern Europe.


you have no idea what are you talking about. There are lots of Germans moving to Hungary and even to Russia. berlin has become a depraved city, lots of quarters controled by arab clans, Africans dealing with drugs everywhere and so on. No place to live safe


you mean the French, especially
Educated Africans today claim that Africa without France is like a car without a driver. The former colonies became a mess as the colonists have left


Dont you realize that you are actually the today imperialists, if you blame other people for not allowing globalist open borders agenda in their own countries?


Aw, she tried to take it back.

Too late.



Its almost like spending generations treating people like human garbage and then leaving isn’t the best for a population of a country.


I could careless what you do in your ■■■■■■■■ of a country.


5,000 or so in 10 years isn’t lots.


Lovely quilt, ladies.


Once again she has to “clarify” her comments. For someone who makes her living by talking you would assume she would have mastered the skill of clear communication by nsay hiwtow.

She says all this crap on purpose to keep herself relevant and trending on social media. She knows she could come out and say white is right and her bosses at Fox would do nothing.


I’m assuming the “we” you refer to would be the arrogant self-serving LIB elitists.


Looks like you aren’t following anything I’m saying so its best we both move on.