In My Opinion we're in the middle of modern day book burning

I don’t

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Right…I must view the world through your eyes…I’m I right Jay?

Sorry pal…left-wing hypocrisy is on full display here.

The full quote is this.

It was in reference to federal mandate of busing. He didn’t think that it would work, that it would be a band aid that would cause racial resentment.

He was advocating that in order to solve racial animus that neighborhoods needed to be racially integrated and nothing would be solved by the forceful integration of schools through busing.

There is the full quote and the context.

You can disagree with his policy, but his motive was clear.

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Yes, his motive was clear. The full quote makes it worse.

But ok, if you say so. I’m feeling a little intellectually intimidated today.


All five declarations mention slavery as the first grievance.

Georgia and Mississippi mention it within the first few sentences.

South Carolina rambles on in general about how the Federal Government violated the compact that was the Constitution, but their first mentioned specific grievance was repeated violations of the Fugitive Slave Act.

Texas’ first listed grievance was that the North was setting it up so that slavery would not be able to expand into the territories from the Rockies to the Pacific. Then they complained about how slaveholders in Kansas were unfairly treated…then they got around to mentioning how the Feds had failed to defend their state against Indian attacks. But that was an interlude…they spend the rest of their articles accusing the abolitionists of stirring up strife amongst the peoples of the United States, invading Texan lands and stealing slaves. Oh and even in the interlude, they said the reason the Feds failed to defend Texas is because they were under the control of the “unnatural sectional enemies”…i.e. the abolitionists.

Virginia didn’t mention any specific grievance regarding slavery but stated their reason for secession was due to the oppression of the “Southern SLAVEHOLDING states”.

So where you got this idea that all five of these declarations didn’t list slavery as the chief cause…even to the point of trying to pretend some of them didn’t even mention slavery…is beyond me.

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and suddenly black people will all be upper middle class, educated, productive, families with mothers and fathers, and the urban ghettos will be empty.

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He argued that busing was counter productive to the aims of building racial equity.

Now one can disagree with him on that, but since he was simultaneously advocating for policies that would expand affordable housing into suburbs as a better solution to integrating schools and society at large, it becomes harder To level a racist claim against him on this issue.

Well…if you’re asking people what they think…and I mean, HONESTLY asking them what they think…then yeah…you kind of have to listen to what they say.

If you don’t…if you then insist on your own subjective opinion of what they actually think over what they told you they think…then you weren’t honestly asking them what they think.

So let’s … not get rid of racist imagery?

By saying his kids would grow up in a racial jungle.

He said that would be the result…he wasn’t making a value judgement on blacks.

Sure, sure. Racial “jungle”. Corn pop just stumbled on jungle.

Let Trump say racial jungle in any context at all. The exploding heads would be epic.

But keep Bidensplaining.

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If you want to say he chose stupid imagery to make his claims, I can agree with you on that.

Racist imagery. Any association of “race” and “jungle” by an American white toxic male is racist. Period.

why? Will that solve some problem?

But maybe more importantly, virtually everything from Aunt Jemima to Disney characters are being called “racist”. Who is to decide? What criteria?

Can a person here just say another members avatar is racist and BINGO… it will be gone?

Associating with Jesse Helms was worse.

No, it won’t solve racism or immediately make black lives perfect, but you gotta start somewhere.

I disagree. His own racism is worse than any association.

I’m sure you do.

But Biden had different reasons than Helms for being against bussing.

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