Impeachment Hearing Tuesday 11/19/2019

It’s not just Congress.

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The twit is well named as Politidope.

Did you watch the video?

Yes, I did. Liar Adam Sieve was doing what he does daily.

What did he say that you believe was true?


So I was poking around and I found my thread about the original whistleblower alert that sparked this impeachment. Our reactions are interesting.


Someone hasn’t read the transcript.

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He should have been gone day one. But hey what you gonna do…its been just as much fun watching you guys have to defend this pile of ■■■■ over the 3 years.

That’s on you…not me

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“Odious” describes Donald as a person and a leader perfectly.

Go team.

It was her turn.

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How can you say that Vindman offered direct evidence of quid pro quo or doesn’t that matter to rs anymore.

Moving goalposts much.


What was the asking for the investigation of the His political rival to get aid. Fun and games.

He’s gonna be impeached.

What about telling people not to testify under supeona.

If totally innocent as the driven snow, I would welcome people telling the truth.

Not the president.

We still haven’t heard from quite a few people.


It is fascinating that ratings appears to be of more import than determining whether D Trump behaved inappropriately for some Trump acolytes.

I wonder whether there is a Trump acolyte who can say how many times Trump mentioned the word corruption in his telephone call with the Ukraine President.


Why? Keep the Trump Dynasty going.

The only 2 corrupt items in Ukraine are Bidens and DNC server/CrowdStrike. Oh, and the whistleblower, and Adam Schiff.

Just an aside will Latin be made a compulsory school subject in the aftermath of this hearing?

Even if Sondland stumbles it is over.

Vindeman said on record that Ukraine was never pressured. Case over.

A lot of issues with Vindeman going back to Obama admin.

It looks like Vindeman alone was the one that co opted EC to contact Schiff staff.

The young lady Williams would be attractive if she found eh ability to smile.

I am not sure why she was there and judging from her body language, neither was she.

Voelker was excellent. He characterized the entire accusation as uncomfortable at worst. His only flaw was an admirable loyalty to Biden even as it was clear he saw the COI Hunter was in.


That could run us past the optimum window for influencing, colluding, and tampering with the 2020 presidential election.

Is it still inconceivable that this impeachment would help Trump get re-elected?