If you hate the USA so much, you are free to leave

This was said to me in a thread in a different forum, when I was pointing out that cronyism in our government is bad, has existed since our country was founded, but should nevertheless be eradicated.

And I’ve seen statements like this before. Someone complains about something in the government that they don’t like, and instead of being told, “Well, why don’t you go into politics so you can fix it,” they’re told, “If you hate the US just leave.”

The US is the best country in the world, but it is not perfect and has flaws. What those flaws are depends on what part of the political spectrum you’re on including which party.

But if you are sincere in your beliefs and, rather than whine about issues, actually take steps to change them for what you think is the better, is’t that an attitude that should be prized, rather than, “How dare you try to change this country from the state that it is now in. If you don’t like it, just leave.”

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Well, I mean, if you want socialism or center-left policies, go to any one of the countries that have those instead of trying to shut down other people and the Constitution. Obama also trampled the Constitution and so did Bush 43. (Obama with a more socialized version of medicine and Bush with the NSA).

The U.S. was founded on Libertarian/Classical Liberal ideals, thus, it should be kept true to that. Don’t sit there and try to deprive other people of their rights in order to exercise your own. Move to Canada if you like their policies better. But the U.S has a different set of ideals.


Not everyone is going to bend to your every whim and agree with you. I’m sorry, but I need to be blunt. I’m tired of people tip-toeing around people who are constantly offended and who are becoming more and more hypersensitive as the day goes on. I find this particularly common among left Liberals, and especially about race. Look up the concept of white fragility.

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So you’re saying that if I complain about the corruption of our politicians, I should move to a country where politicians are not corrupt, like Canada, and let the corruption here in the US continue?

No, I dont think so.

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Those that are pushing authoritarian state and preying on young minds to advance their authority makes me question their love for our Constitution.


Depends on what you view as corrupt, and whether there is evidence to back up the assertion of corruption.

Trump is doing the same thing, only worse.

And I am a Republican, not a liberal or a democrat.

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What has Trump done that trample on our Constitution?

There is the implication that he would ban bumpstocks…

You don’t think our government is infested with corrupt politicians?

Cronyism. That’s when a President or other politician gets elected to office, and then appoints his friends or relatives who have no qualifications to head important government offices or become ambassadors to other countries.

So that would include Biden’s son, as well as all of Trump’s family.

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He’s issued more executive orders than Obama.

He’s betrayed our Kurdish allies and is responsible for all the deaths that happened when Turkey invaded as any idiot would know they’d do.

He’s gotten us involved in a stupid trade war that has cost us billions and will continue to do so.

He’s ripped apart national parks and is selling that land to the highest bidder.

He’s turned our soldiers into mercenaries, going from getting us out of a forever war to sending our soldiers to Saudi for pay - a country that is not our friend.

And so on and on and on


He’d intended to do more at one point…then the NRA contacted him and all of a sudden his plans on that score changed, real quick.

Nope, we’re going to change this country. Don’t like it leave.


Guess you’ve never seen a Trump rally. :joy:

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How many of them were to undo Obama’s executive orders?

What the ■■■■ does that have to do with our Constitution?

That’s his job under our Constitution.

Did he? Which national parks? Or did he undo Obama EO?

Seems to me someone needs to read up on role of executive branch and our Constitution.

You didn’t leave when Obama was in power for 8 years. Why should anyone?


The Constitution is the law of the land. It takes 2/3 of the legislature or a Constitutional Convention that most states must agree to. Perhaps if you don’t want to follow the law, you should show yourself the door- metaphorical door.

No he’s not.

Irony is ironical.

Donald Trump* is far and away one of the most authoritarian politicians in office in a generation. Those who have read the evidence and briefs submitted by his legal team to the Judiciary are very much aware of this fact.

Knowledge is power. It’s hard to take any Trump* supporter seriously when they complain about authoritarianism.

*3rd Impeached President of the United States


This must be a joke. :rofl: