I know I am Conservative but Anti-vaxxers are starting to piss me off

So, all of these workplace mandates and city vaccine mandates are all for nothing if people don’t take the booster? They better start mandating the booster!!!

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Coincidentally, Gavin Newsome has now figured out there is seasonality to the disease.

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53 days. I hope I can still afford my internet working at McDonalds.

Article behind paywall.

read the other day Covid is being carried by deer. Awesome…

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The mandate was never intended to hold up. Already did what they wanted, giving cover for corps to mandate. Even if it gets struck down, which it will, the corp mandates, in most cases, will remain until they are struck down separately.

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Now here’s a vaccination incentive program!

There goes the idea that someone doesn’t want to take the vaccine because it is not completely approved by the FDA.

“Then, she recommends adding in one cup of borax, a cleaning agent that’s been banned as a food additive by the Food and Drug Administration, to “take nanotechnologies out of you.””

In some ways, this is much like abortion.

My company does not want the mandate. They are being forced by the government. I work in a hospital that may close as of Jan 4. If they don’t fire the unvax then they can’t take Medicare or Medicaid. The reason for their existence. If they fire the unvax, that’s over :kissing_closed_eyes:40% of their staff. They close the door because they don’t have enough staff.

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Irony Award.

I find it ironic that some of the anti-vaxxers here are countering the major diversion status of hospitals in the South in Aug-Sept (me claiming that it was due to in a surge in unvaccinated COVID-19 patients, because they are getting the sickest) with the fact that nurses are leaving the profession, that’s why there are no beds in hospitals, and that is that, end of discussion.

But why are they leaving? They are leaving due to high acuity patients, who are very sick and are dying despite all their best efforts to help them and ultimately save them. They are getting burned out because they are understaffed, and overworked, with many of these high acuity patients on ventilators that require around-the-clock care to manage their breathing, and a whole team of staffers including a respiratory therapist and nruses to turn them because they are so fragile.

Indirectly, that doesn’t refute my point, and makes yet another case that either people need to bust their butts getting more therapies through (including Biden, Fauci, et al.) or that people need to bite the bullet and get vaxxed- and ultimately, do what they can to try to stay out of the hospital. Hospitalization should be a last resort- it’s there for people who need it, sure, but being in the hospital, particularly on a ventilator, can be bad to traumatic. They stick an entire tube down your throat and you’re stuck there. No going off the unit, no visitors. You’re stuck with this tube in your nose or your mouth, and your lungs are probably hurting like hell, you feel like you’re breathing through a straw at first…the most visitation you might get is through Zoom or Skype. Who would want to be in that situation or risk it? Everyone who comes into your room is masked, gloved, and gowned- looking like an astronaut or an alien- you don’t get to see smiling faces. And it’s expensive. I can’t imagine the cost of being the hospital for weeks, or perhaps the cost of a ventilator or an ECMO machine.

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I love anti vaxxers—not. Had a friend on Facebook show a photo of her grandson following a vaccination (allergic reaction).

Just how do these ■■■■■■■■■■■ think kids are going to react to the infections these vaccinations are designed to prevent?

Here is more information on the nursing shortage since the COVID-19 pandemic started:

Healthy kids have very little to fear from Covid.


Unless they aren’t afraid of becoming infected and don’t mind spreading it to immediate, family members, grandparents, and other care givers.


Really? Not what this says.

from COVID-19 in childhood: Transmission, clinical presentation, complications and risk factors - PubMed

Based on current evidence, children are rarely the primary source of secondary transmission in the household or in child care and school settings and are more likely to contract the virus from an adult household member.

And if their parents and grandparents are vaxxed, they also have little to fear from covid in most cases.

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I agree it’s rare. So?

Here is the full quote in context: “Children less than 18 years of age account for an estimated 2%-5% of reported severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) cases globally. Lower prevalence of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) among children, in addition to higher numbers of mild and asymptomatic cases, continues to provide challenges in determining appropriate prevention and treatment courses. Here, we summarize the current evidence on the transmission, clinical presentation, complications and risk factors in regard to SARS-CoV-2 in children, and highlight crucial gaps in knowledge going forward. Based on current evidence, children are rarely the primary source of secondary transmission in the household or in child care and school settings and are more likely to contract the virus from an adult household member. Higher transmission rates are observed in older children (10-19 years old) compared with younger children ( <10 years old). While increasing incidence of COVID-19 in neonates raises the suspicion of vertical transmission, it is unlikely that breast milk is a vehicle for transmission from mother to infant. The vast majority of clinical cases of COVID-19 in children are mild, but there are rare cases that have developed complications such as multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, which often presents with severe cardiac symptoms requiring intensive care. Childhood obesity is associated with a higher risk of infection and a more severe clinical presentation. Although immediate mortality rates among children are low, long-term respiratory, and developmental implications of the disease remain unknown in this young and vulnerable population.”


Who should be vaccinated by a safe and effective vaccine. Is it safe and effective? Or not?

A safe and effective vaccine does not mean 100% immune. It’s a function of risk. (A) It lowers the risk of catching it to begin with, and (B) lowers the risk of it presenting with life threatening symptoms requiring hospitalization and having to have tube shoved down your through to help you breath.