I know I am Conservative but Anti-vaxxers are starting to piss me off

It’s getting late, and I have so many things to say, but the one point I wanted to get across is that I wish people would get their vaccines. COVID could go the way of polio, H1N1, and chicken pox. If people would just let herd immunity do its work.

I don’t know if people have been following me around on other forums, but my mom has this one patient. A 23-yr. Old male; let’s just call him Xander because of HIPAA. Xander has severe cerebral palsy, to the point where he is bed bound. He is legally blind, and cannot speak normally so he uses a device. When he doesn’t have his device, he claps to answer a question or when he is happy. His parents care about him very much and make sure he has a good quality of life.

Well, Xander got a UTI. He presented to the St. John’s ER presenting with symptoms, and when a urine sample was taken they were able to culture bacteria from it. This bacterial infection turns out to be extremely aggressive, and only responds to two IV antibiotics. They admitted him and got an IV flowing. But then, later that night (it was Friday) they tell him he needs to leave because they needed his bed for a potential COVID patient. They told his parents that the pharmacy was closed for the night and they could come back on Monday and get his medication. They essentially dumped him. This makes me livid, because what if he develops sepsis?

I posted this in another forum and they called him a “waste of space” and also stated that I had no compassion, because to be honest- and I’m going to sound like a jerk- I am for hospitals turning away unvaxxed COVID patients, or at least diagnosing them with medical non-compliance. I say this because while an ER turning anyone away is technically illegal, I am all for getting people to take personal responsibility for their health. I also understand COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) is an illness that can be treated in outpatient if you catch it early enough. You would have to wait awfully long for it to get to the point of needing a ventilator.

As it turns out, in one local hospital (and it seems to be the one everyone likes), of the COVID patiemts admitted, they are reporting that 90% of them are unvaxxed. Every hospital from here to OKC- every single one- is on divert. Partially because of the volume of people with COVID, partially because there is a severe nursing shortage. There aren’t enough people to staff the beds.

I’m going to go to bed, but will pick this up in the morning before lab. I…can’t even begin to describe how I feel about all of this, but none of it is positive or good.


What if someone is having an MI, but they have no beds, and have to transfer them all the way to Vinita OK or Fort Smith AR? Usually an MI codes in the hospital. They would never discharge someone else early to make room for them. It just boggles my mind the entitlement of some of these anti-vaxxers, where, they think they can be stubborn and ignore their dr.'s advice in such a critical time, but then go crawling to a hospital when they actually do get COVID and expect the staff to pick up the pieces of the consequences of their poor health.

And they have the nerve to insult those who are advocating for the vaccine.

I believe that this will keep happening. And perhaps it will convince some folks that Covid is nothing to play around with.


Just awful :frowning:

I’m with you.

But I would go a lot farther. If you refuse to get the vaccine, you are forced to sign paperwork stating that, and are now under these 3 conditions:

  1. No sick leave or unemployment pay in the event you get COVID.

  2. You pay for your own medical bills if you get COVID. No reimbursement by either the government or insurance.

  3. If a vaccine mandate ever becomes law, and you opt for the regular COVID testing instead, you pay out of pocket for your own COVID tests. (Those can get pretty expensive in a hurry IIRC.)


To some it just won’t matter. Both of my daughters are in their 30’s. And they are both not going to get the vaccine. And both of them have really good jobs that they are going to lose. And they both think that there will be gobbs of really good jobs out there so they will be okay. It is really frustrating.

Hey, if they want to stay living under a rock, more power to them. Just don’t give them unemployment benefits, and they will come around. Hunger has a way of changing people’s minds.

I agree with you. They might not be able to get unemployment. In many states if you violate company policy and are fired for it you are up the creek without a paddle. I was pleased today to read a article where some Judges are now making judgements in parole and custody cases against those who are not vaccinated. And when one person challenged a judge on her ability to not have custody because she was not vaccinated he simply said, I am the judge and I can rule for you or against you as I want.

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I agree with making things inconvenient to those who refuse the vaccine, but this strikes me as cruel and unusual punishment.


Look at all the cheers and hurrahs.

They always wondered how it was sooooooo easy…


Sure and lets extend it to every other avoidable medical condition. Diabetes, high blood pressure, aids, heart disease, joint surgery, sport injury etc… Still on board?


Yeah, they already walked that back. so sorry you can’t be cheered by ripping the kids out of the arms of a mother who has previous allergic reaction to vaccines. Man people are sick.


Let’s stop the medical treatment of addicts, alcoholics and all other self inflicted ailments that are causing tax payers their hard earned cash…


Diabetes? AIDS? Heart disease? Really?


and then promptly the next day reversed his order since he has no such power.


How bout this? You do your thing, I’ll do mine.


and once again the people who actually already have had covid are left out, even though they need no vaccine and we’re better off excluding them and getting it to those who have not.

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Meh - I’m in favor of lower premiums for good decisions, not bankrupting people for bad ones.

If people aren’t responding to increased risk of death from unhealthy behaviors, they won’t respond to increased fear of destitution. Also, bankrupting people won’t have a positive overall economic impact.


Being anti vax is NOT a liberal or conservative idea.

My sister is more liberal than me and she’s anti vax.

Even liberals are stupid sometimes.