Bob Woodward’s New Book Will Detail ‘Harrowing Life’ Inside Trump White House

Why do we care? Isn’t Bob Woodward a never Trumper? Does he mention the booming economy, the record low unemployment, the near total destruction ISIS, the increased border security or his excellent supreme court choices? Does anyone really care about the other crap? How does that affect anything in our lives?

Because… someone might say something bad about Trump?

Like … what’s new.

You guys - all of you on the lib farm - already put Trump and his supporters through your ridiculous accusations and innuendos of deplorable character. You already played those cards so much that the only people who will get a buzz are libs.

In his later years, he’s been known to uncritically report the official line for access. Not all the time, but it’s definitely happened.

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The man is still milking his Nixon notes but puts the name “Trump” at the beginning and end of his old stories to titillate libs.

So the only thing that matters is whether Woodward is a Trump supporter?

Back to the usual name calling.

Now I’m sure you’ve never read any of his books or are even aware of the existence of most of them. He’s been doing this with almost every presidential administration for approaching a half century.

But, no, it’s special because y’all got to be victims.

The reader that does not suffer from TDS can see that I called no one a name… except “lib”… which admittedly is a pejorative among reasonable people these days.

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I think it nice that gullible idiots want to put woodward’s grandkids through private school and college.

Good for you.


I imagine that if the D.C. Swamp had a sewer system it would very much resemble the current administration sunk in the White House.

I really feel only somewhat intrigued by the premise of this book. Perhaps in 7 or 8 years or so, if I am still alive and haven’t lost my eyesight or had a stroke and can no longer read.

As it is, there is so much pain and regret and sickness outside this current White House that I don’t think I could stomach and survive going inside at the moment.


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It is hard to read about all the ■■■■ that Trump is doing, but it’s better to know than not.

They don’t call it “access journalism” for nothing. Backstage passes usually come at a steep price.

That would include you guys too. I remember the drooling over Obama’s Wars at the old board. And the enjoyment you guys got from Woodward and the Obama white house tensions.

The guy’s a multimillionaire and has been for awhile. If your guys spent two seconds researching your burns.

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Good lib schools are expensive.

Tommy gaining a well rounded understanding of a person or subject is kryptonite to extremists and those who suffer from partisantardation.

Love the title that Woodward gave the book… like Trump is the only president that recognizes the power of fear.

“Fear is powerful,” Obama said. “Telling people that somebody’s out to get you, or somebody took your job, or somebody has it out for you, or is going to change you, or your community, or your way of life — that’s an old story and it has shown itself to be powerful in societies all around the world. It is a deliberate, systematic effort to tap into that part of our brain that carries fear in it.”

Of course … whataboutObama? :slight_smile:

Ronald Kessler has a book that is available now: “The Trump White House”. I anxiously await Woodward’s book for comparison.

His book on the Secret Service was criticized for inaccuracies. I’m sure that won’t matter, though, if he says a couple of nice things about Trump.