Anyone else sick of hearing about "diversity"?

Over the years many on the Left have become obsessed with this term and love to talk about it often, in particularly in some sort of sacrosanct way. As I’ve read and listened to those on the Left (as a former educator I’ve likely have heard more than most people) talk about this topic it’s typically with a religious type of fervor along with feel-good statements like “diversity is our strength.” And to be clear the diversity being referenced is all about ethnicity/race.

So is there any evidence that ethnic/racial diversity magically equals a better country? The answer is no. Look at surveys of places considered to be the best countries to live in and you will find that they are ethnically/racially very monolithic (typically in the 90% range). Furthermore, look at the political situation here with incessant talk about racism and identity politics. As far as I’m concerned “diversity” is in many ways a new and albeit more subtle form of racism as its main focus is on the color of a person’s skin.


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Hey O P!!! You’re a few years behind the times!!!

The term “diversity” has become passé and has long since been replaced with “inclusivity”. And yes I’m sick of hearing about inclusivity.

Why? Because it’s hypocritical. Inclusivity really is only for those the loudest preachers believe should have it.

If you’re something else? Well, that isn’t for you.

I was aquainted with a young woman whose last straw with her employer was she made some wisecrack about transgender and it offended the one trans in the building. “R” was fired.

However that same “supervisor “ had no trouble at all with employees making fun of more conservative types in southeastern and south western states.

Gee I thought this was an inclusive workplace. I guess that depends on who you are.


And what do you want to bet, like dollars to donuts, all of those employers covering abortion costs for female employees in states where it’s no longer legal host “inclusivity” groups, like women’s groups, African American, disabled etc.

Brown, black, female and handicapped infants are more likely to be aborted than healthy, white, male infants. Wouldn’t it be a move of integrity to disband the inclusivity groups if a company is going to cover abortion expenses?

As to your question of if a country with many cultures can be successful, I don’t see why not if the different groups share similar ideas and goals. When there are radical differences more than commonalities, that’s going to be more difficult.

I never said that they couldn’t, just that the countries considered the best places to live are ethnically as well as culturally very monolithic.

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Their conflicts are generally with neighboring nations of different ethnicity or culture. When you are a multi ethnic/cultural society you have to work harder to keep the old monolithic external conflicts from becoming decisive internal conflicts.

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Diversity is a result of freedom.

Forced it becomes the opposite.


There are so many things of great importance all of us have to deal with…serious things…life and death things…things where many depend on you and your performance…that said…diversity isn’t very high on my list of important things…but, if our paths cross, I harbor no ill will and will give you my best.

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“Diversity” and “inclusivity” are code words that racist, self-hating leftists use.

It’s like when someone uses the word, “cis”. You instantly know they’re not smart enough to have this debate with you. :wink:


Diversity for the sake of diversity is no virtue, it’s cultural suicide.


When they say “diversity”, they don’t mean diversity of thought. Vocabulary, not dictionary.

It is a demand for power disproportionate to share of population. In “our” democracy, some identity groups should have more hegemony.

Based on the least indicative character traits of all.


White power!

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^^^^ there’s an invisible V on this poster’s forehead. Just ask his whiteness. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass: ^^^^


There’s nothing inclusive about Lib philosophy. It’s a means to gain more control of their hive mind. It’s the same reason they are pushing to make us more homogeneous physically too. Mothers and Fathers must go, to be replaced with “birthing person”. All forms of individuality must be discouraged, so that the state can own the drones being created.

People care if babies are taken from Moms and dads, but who cares if a baby is taken from just another birthing person. Boys and girls invoke sentiment, but do away with the differences in gender, and again, they become just a mass of drones.

Diversity is exactly what they’re trying to destroy…


Why don’t countries in Asia, Africa, or South America have strong diversity programs where the majority populations are hammered as default racists for not being inclusive enough?

Because unlike us, they are a bunch of suckers.

A bunch of white conservatives hating on diversity is peek Republican 2022. :rofl:

I hope this becomes a campaign talking point of republicans over the next few years! Keep it up!


Liberal so-called “diversity” is cultural geocide brought to you by those that hate white people.


They don’t like success? Do you want the hegemony they have in the US?

Who’s culture?