J’Biden vows To Veto Any Bill Protecting Women’s Sports

Four year olds…

No I don’t accept that.

What’s a cis girl….the human race consists of male and female. All the new cute expressions created by leftists in the last few years are just nonsense.


Pretending that kids young enough to still believe in Santa Claus and the Easter bunny know that they want to change their sex is silly.

People pushing children in that direction should be prosecuted for child abuse.

I completely reject your premise.


100% agree. Children should be removed from their custody.


“Men” being a very generous descriptor at this point. :wink:




Very true. Real men know how to appreciate women.

Lib males just aren’t sure what a woman is.


Always be able to identify code words. lol


The vast majority of them have never known a real woman. They’re just as confused as the dudes in dresses.


Great post…100% agree.


Probably incels.

I’ve only ever seen an angry lesbian use that word. :rofl:

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Yet, they will tell you adamantly they are not confused at all. You are wrong, they are right.

So, a libby leftist guy marries a man who is posing as a women. How many children are they going to make together naturally? :laughing:

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Hoarders don’t think they’re hoarders.

Schizos don’t think they’re schizos.

Trans people don’t think they’re being bat ■■■■ crazy for attention.



Enablers become just as sick as those they enable. :woman_shrugging:


They don’t unless convinced by some weirdo.

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Word :clap::clap::clap:


I expected the kid sniffer to veto it!

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To me, having Transgender Females compete with biologic females is inherently unfair and violates Title IX. Girls need to compete against other girls and Transgender females can have major physical advantages which can heavily tilt the competition their way. I honestly don’t see this applying to everything, such as Chess being separated between women and men. For what reason? Or race car driving.

It also sets a very bad precedent for the trans community, it can breed animosity when they should be striving for acceptance and integration into society on a wider scale. This doesn’t help matters.

For Trans males, it is different, they are the ones at a disadvantage for the most part, if they want to compete against biologic males.

There is only one solution, and that is not a separate category. There simply isn’t enough of them that this would make any sense. It is simply that Transgender people should be encouraged to enjoy sports and excercise but when it comes to competitive sports, they really don’t have a viable avenue. They were dealt a bad hand when it comes to gender identity but part of making themselves whole is dealing with the fact that they cannot expect to engage in competitive sports with the group they biologically identify with. Just as they have to acknowledge they probably will never have children. It sucks, but this is the price they have to pay to make themselves whole without infringing on others.

Veto what? This is not the first time this bill was introduced in the House. IMO it will never pass the Senate.
And if so, it will not make it to Biden’s desk to get a veto.

I don’t think anything in this post is actually accurate.


My thoughts exactly.

It’s not up to the rest of us….it’s not up to Rley Gaines and the swimmers who had no choice but to have Will Thomas in their locker room to make all the changes they are being forced to make to accommodate the choices of the few.

It’s a free country…you do you….but the transgendered and the lunatics on the left need to acknowledge that the rest of us…(I saw somewhere we have 1.4 million transgendered people in America…so that leaves roughly 339 million non trans) have our rights too.