J’Biden vows To Veto Any Bill Protecting Women’s Sports

Well suburban gals, you helped put this blockhead in the White House. No problems having your daughters getting their arses kicked by a freak-a-zoid that thinks he’s a “woman”? Or having the perv strutting around the female’s locker room with his schlong in full view?


Elections have consequences, and your daughters will pay dearly. :rofl:


Is tossing title IX into the trash can really the route Democrats want to go for the next election?


Apparently so.

Cons are getting really good at nitpicking which laws they want the federal government to issue and which ones they want returned to state control.

Sacrificing women and girls for the benefit of men in "woman face’ will be a real winner for the progressives. Nothing says inclusion and tolerance quite like a naked male in the Jr High girls’ locker room.


You make it sound like there is no control in our schools. Quite the opposite. Have naked males been in locker rooms before?

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In the boy’s locker room all the time. We knew the girl’s locker room wasn’t for us. No one gave any male false encouragement to go into the girl’s locker room, and we understood that there would be consequences for any male who entered. Definitely from the school administration, and possibly from the father of any girl who might be in there.

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Biden is disgusting…

You are right his voters …

I wish they would realize the corrupt filth they put in the White House.


Sadly I don’t think they care.


there is some “principle” in politcal science. Something about defined benefits and dispersed costs.

PJ O’Rourke used to use an example:
"If a politician offered free Pearl Jam CDs to people with nose rings, each recipient would get $50 in free music, perhaps enough to buy their vote.

“Everyone else, including his supporters, would think it’s a dumb idea but it cost them only $0.01 each so it’s not so change that his supporters would vote for the other guy.”

I will add that the above is especially true if his supporters have been trained to hate the other guy, (not just dislike him.)

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R.I.P. Mr. O’Rourke. I will be that a whole bunch of folks here do not realize that they read, watched or heard stuff that he said or wrote.

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OMG! Is that really your argument? :astonished:


I taught High School. Did you? Granted it was some time ago. But I have friends who are still involved in education in multiple states. So yes, that is my argument.

Good grief.

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Yeah? So what? At your high school were boys who went into the girl’s locker rooms while they were showering and changing clothes tolerated? Did the boys disrobe and shower with them? Were the girls expected to grin and bear it? Or rather should I say, bare it? You are talking about a boys hijinks for which they could be suspended or expelled, not school policy. This topic is entirely different.


I need a second shower now too. :rofl: :face_vomiting:


Just stay out of the girl’s locker room when you do. :wink:


Thank you….

This ain’t that damn hard…

The rights of the young women involved to not have to share a locker room with men need to be the actual priority here.

This should never happen…I don’t give a damn what Will Thomas thinks he was. He is still a man and he needs to stay out if the women’s locker room.….” A former University of Kentucky swimmer claims transgender swimmer Lia Thomas ‘dropped her pants’ and exposed ‘male genitalia’ in the women’s locker room at a meet last year.

Riley Gaines, 23, claimed female swimmers were not ‘forewarned beforehand that we would be sharing a locker room with Lia.’ ”. Trans swimmer Lia Thomas 'dropped pants' and exposed 'male genitalia' in women's locker room | Daily Mail Online

If people like this dude want to compete let ‘em start their own events or compete with the sex they actually were born with.


Libs are being very cruel in sacrificing the happiness for hundreds of thousands of females for a few males that believe they’re females. Now…why would they do that? Why? I’m sincerely asking…why?