Anyone else sick of hearing about "diversity"?

I am sick of the diversity baloney. Most asian americans and legal immigrants i know have become very successful in the greatest country in the world, USA.

And, millions of illegal aliens are flocking here to join in the success thanks to the Biden open border program for new voters.

Notice how YOU chose to use the word “hate”? That’s how the corrupt MSM works too. Is this another example of you being sheoplized? You’d think after BLM, you’d learn something from being duped.


Ditto. Racial baloney, hate mongering and diversity from the “chip on should” crowd are screwing up our country.

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Dislike? Is that better.

Do you dislike diversity as practiced by almost every entity in the US?

Traditional American Culture.

We get it that Liberals hate that.

Do you want to stop diversity in the US?

What is contained in “traditional American culture”? Like, how would you identify “traditional American culture”?

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How do you define that culture you wish to replace it with?

If people want to come here legally and become Americans, embrace our language, Constitution, etc. that’s great. More power to them. However, the left has pushed for foreigners to come here and develop a hatred for whites. Let the same immigrants go to Japan or Colombia and demand the majority population cater to them. See how that goes for them.


Look how close some of these posts get to explicit advocation of segregation!

Answer my question first, please.

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Lies. The left represents the segregationists with all their spaces for Blacks only, Latins only, Asians only, etc. The majority population should not have to bend over backward for foreigners who want to live in our country. I welcome all, but they need to ingratiate themselves.

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Cater to them? Like making sure everyone has an equal shot of bettering themselves? Those horrible libs!



The crusade against diversity only has a few conclusions. :wink:


No, we don’t hate the Native Americans. We hate what’s been done to them over our history, though.


I have no interest in arguing about this. But it’s helpful to know what people believe.


No, the foreigners should just slaughter them and put them on reservations.

Diversity is a checklist on many things except not believing in the checklist or the ideology behind it.


What do you mean by that. Be specific.