Antifa. Our common enemy

As long as you agree that Unite the Right is one of the ideologies of Trump supporters, right? If we’re gonna broad brush, lets get a paint brush large enough to make sure Trump supporters also get theirs.

Not a chance!

They prefer unopposed violence. Against small groups or private property. When there is a well equipped force to oppose them, they behave themselves. As was shown yesterday. The helmets and masks they brought to their protests the other day turned out to be useless. They had to resort to mere screaming.

white supremacists are in fact Trump supporters. LOL.

David Duke admires him very much.

If we own the anfifa, Trump supporters own white supremacy.


That nonsense. America First, has nothing to do with race or color.

For all we know, Jason Kesseler is a leftist operative.

Here’s a grouping and labeling.

Here’s another.

Here’s yet another.

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I dunno. It sure appears that Laura Ingram and Unite The Right appear to be in agreement.

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All 15 of them

Nope. Whiff. I did not associate any liberal with Antifa. I said that they are our common enemy.

Why not? If Antifa is lumped in with ALL liberals, then Unite the Right should be lumped in with ALL the right.

Only fair.

Do you have proof that Kesseler is a leftist? Or is this proof in the same lock box as the paid posters on this message board?

They sure do! That and the masks is why i call them cowards.

There was a lot more at last year’s rally. Are you discounting them?

They actually peaceably assembled and protested. and just screamed.

They actually followed the constitution.

wow maybe they are not as crazy as you point out. They were model citizens yesterday.


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Unite the right doesn’t have enough people in the entire country to fill a high school football stadium. They are few and far between. How many showed up yesterday? Twenty five? I have yet to hear of anyone being oppressed by these impotent nit wits.

Funny I counted 16.

They knew it was a lost cause unlike last year in Charlottesville. The opposition protests were more organized. also law enforcement had it game face on. (I believe there was only one arrest)


In Charlottesville last year, there were more.


You forget the number that showed up last year?

Sure as hell wasn’t 25. Was a lot more.

I wasn’t counting Kesseler…some jyst had Trump shirts on and looked like they just got out of bed. They left when they found out this wasn’t a Trump Rallye.

People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.