Antifa. Our common enemy

I know the game. Rather than focus on Antifa as the topic, the libs typically try to change the subject to some other lame assed group. Or focus on the many, many flaws of Altair. Just remember. We don’t have to choose sides. We are free to despise them all. Here is what makes Antifa our common enemy.

  1. Liberals. They hate you. They have declared everyone who is to the right of Joseph Stalin to be a fascists. That means you Hannity libs. You are all fascists in their eyes.

  2. They don’t like the American flag. But they love the hammer and sickle.

  3. “No borders, no wall, no USA at all.” Most Hannity liberals claim to disagree with at least two of these three goals.

  4. Unprovoked violence. Attacks against people who disagree and random acts of vandalism against anything they can break. Temper tantrums that achieve nothing.

  5. Physical attacks on the media. They hate the media so much that they try to shut them down. Grabbing the cameras and attacking an NBC news crew.

  6. And my favorite COWARDICE. These little nit wits are totally afraid to stand for their beliefs. They don’t even have the guts to identify themselves. They show up at events with their faces covered because they are afraid. Nobody is intimidated by a bunch of rock throwing cry babies who are so freaking scared, they hide behind a bandana. I know, if daddy finds out that his loser son is breaking windows, then he will certainly have his credit card cut up and he will probably be grounded.

In America, the actual fascists define the freedom lovers as fascists. I could identify myself as an NBA player. That doesn’t make it true. Antifa can claim they are antifascists. But that ain’t true either.


1 having seen comments over the years like libs should be deported. Libs hate America and should move your point is lost.

2 who has been defending Trump and Russia? Point list.

3 complaining about even legal immigrants like Laura Ingraham did makes cons look like they hate the founders you know descendants of immigrants.

4 running people down with cars is bad too.

5 really the media? You mean the president’s enemy of the people

Please try again

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Has there been widespread, open support of Antifa’s tactics here on the forums?

If you said purists/extremists are our common enemy, you’d be correct.

By focusing only on the group that is on the opposite end of the political spectrum from you…you make it partisan.

Nor a judgement…just the way it works.

Libs own ANTIFA and they see anyone who opposes their views as one group they’ve labeled the the alt-right.

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You missed my biggest point. Remember? You don’t have to chooses sides. This is America. It’s not a competition. You are free to take a stand against Antifa, white nationalists (all twenty of them), Fascists and communists. Do yourself a favor. Don’t limit yourself to groupthink.

Are you an antifa defender?

Cool. I will put you down as anti Antifa. Common ground… just the way it works.

Then I expect to see no more posts where you brand those that think differently from you as anti-Americans in the future?

Because this kind of thinking is why we have extremists in the first place.

When the debate is “You think differently than me. You’re not just wrong…you’re evil and hate America”…groups like Unite the Right and Antifa are what we get.

So…I can expect a more moderate tone from you going forward?

Not to my knowledge. But there has not been much condemnation either. Just trying to find out where people stand. So far, not many folks coming right out and saying that Antifa is a menace.

Until recently, complaints about insufficient condemnation rarely came from the conservative side of the debate. On the other hand, at that time it was debate rather than swapping insults.

(Yearning for the days when ad hominem was a despised form of argumentation.)

Maybe. But I need something solid to base it on. Give an example on an Altair belief that in your opinion needs to be moderated?

So where do you stand on Antifa?

Didn’t take long for me to find one.

You think comments such as these foster discussion and seeking of common ground?

every citizen have a constitutional right to protest. even people we might disagree with,

I disagree with antifa. But they do have a right to protest.

If they cross the line they should be arrested.


Look at you, all reasonable and even handed. Filthy lib.

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  1. Antifa sucks. Violent protesters are douchebags.

  2. To the OP, welcome to being part of the problem. Your broad brush is hardly any different than those you supposedly condemn.

well we certainly cant ban them, look at the Westboro Baptists and their “god hates fags” crapola.

They certainly have the right to protest. If the libs own Antifa The cons own WB. Lock, stock and Barrel.


Trumpsters can’t ever be satisfied without an imaginary boogeyman from the left to vilify. It was OWS, then BLM, now Antifa.

Protest yes, act like violent thugs determined to stomp out opposing view points no.

Laws should be passed forbidding the wearing of those masks and carrying clubs to their “protests”.