You think Biden news of him being linked to taking classified documents will preclude #46 running for re-election?

He said he was. But I guess the old pervert is a proven liar.


Then jbiden is a crook and you all should be calling for his head.

To my knowledge there is nothing in that statute that prohibits anyone from running for President.

In fact, as I think someone pointed out, it’s been ruled over and over that one cannot add to the Constitution when determining eligibility for office.

We know convicted criminals can run for office…Lyndon Larouche did so from jail.

Basically every politician.

Keep going on your book reviews! Now look at the revuene from books POST presidency. Ahh, there’s the money.

They sure did not give a heads up to the news agencies, did they? Wonder why.

Talk about worshipping.

As normal the case, you and previously Jay Jay clarified enlightened us. I was referring to a different question, namely Biden’s admitted mistakes alone here already muddy the (re-election bid) water’s in a way that is not applicable to the Trump document case being investigated.

Yes it was clearly withheld.

Where were the conservative sleuths?

Failure to maintain control of classified documents will hinder BOTH the POTUS and FPOTUS as campaign issues.

Obstruction though will only apply to the FPOTUS.


Yes, I’ve got my truck completely wrapped in Biden paraphernalia with Biden flags and it’s become my whole personal identity because I didn’t have one before.

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Do you at least acknowledge another key difference here between the two front runners at this point in time to win their respective parties nomination is the fact only a sitting POTUS like Trump has unilateral power to declassify documents?

I understand asking you that fully aware there may be yet to be filed court cases challenging Presidential powers to de-classify documents are both explicit and / or implied. That being said, #45 from at least a precedent perspective appears fairly poised (is in cat bird seat) to ultimately prevail if and when such a case is filed and ruled upon.

Not to mention how all of sudden the middle - independent- undecided voters might turn against Biden even more, especially #46 appearing so cavalier in depicting Trump’s behavior seemingly distinctly reprehensible, almost like he himself was beyond reproach.

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Again, please re-consider it was probably the left, an inside hatchet job deep inside Biden’s own administration who leaked this to the press?

Here’s FDR being quoted:

Might very well apply here too…

Conspiracies are always easier because a human imagination is limitless

Facts are facts. Biden just acknowledged the other day one office of his had classified documents in them.

And nothing prohibited him in early November from making a public statement and fess up.

After all, #46 did promise full transparency entering office.

As such, no real conspiracy theory sought after by the right either. With expanded powers, Congress can investigate more thoroughly and in the process have an opportunity to be perceived transparent too.

Just both Biden’s words and actions don’t align as good as they ideally/exactly could of in a more honorable way, agree or disagree?

Everything is factual except for the conspiracy that this is a leftist plot.

Yes I acknowledge the difference.

However the FPOTUS has NEVER claimed in court to have declassified the documents in question, nor provided any evidence that he did so prior to noon January 20, 2021.


Nah I dont think this will have any impact on 2024. I bet neither Trump or Biden will be the nominees.

Tomato tomahto, left, right, or whatever does not matter in the end analysis.

I also consider this idle chatter on conspiracy theories and the like.

My main beef is with Biden being NOT nearly transparent enough here (as advertised).

That is concerning to at least me, how about you?

Just curious, isn’t Trump wise to keep his options open in that regard including perjury trap concerns?

After all, Presidential powers to declassify are not currently codified to be documented - for example, mandated to be logged in to at least to my limited knowledge on the topic anyway?

Yes, See Russian Collusion and the jan 6th hysteria…