You may be disappointed by the Mueller report


If anyone is going to block any aspect of that report, it’s not going to be Democrats.


And yet they were plotting to use the 25th Amendment. Against…


They aren’t going to see it either way. Mueller don’t leak.


Talked about it is not equal to plotting.

Everyone just needs to calm down about them talking about something that had no chance in hell of ever happening.


Some Trump supporters have really fallen off the deep end on this one.

Thou shalt not question the king.


Trying to use the 25th amendment is so mind numbingly stupid also.

Worst case scenario for the GOP is we would have ended up with President Pence.

Really upsetting.


Plus, they should be talking about it. The guy is a crook.


Mueller’s witch hunt with his 13 angry dems? You gonna believe that ■■■■■


You’re going to trust the witch hunt leader and the 13 angry dems?


I want it released…all of it.

But libs don’t want it released. Specially those that worshiped Mueller and his gang of thugs.

And before you say no one worshiped him…remember all avatars?

All of em will be disappointed and will say some stupid conspiracy to keep it from going public.

It’s how libs roll…


I want it released too. Isn’t it up to Barr, what gets released?


That’s what Trump says.

It will have to be released. The public will demand it and it will be unsustainable politically not to release it.

If there is nothing in there claiming illegality or warranting impeachment, we have spent millions of dollors of taxpayer money for opposition research.
But it will be released.


It’s stupid because depending on the crew of bloated grifters, ignoramuses, and unpatriotic grubbers in this cabinet to do anything for the country over their own self serving greed will never happen.

Elaine Chao? Mnuchin? Wilbur Ross? Ben Carson? Rick Perry? No one, and I mean no one, can imagine these lowlifes as being capable of having any kind of serious discussion. About anything.


No, it has cost nothing. Manafort has been found guilty of crimes and has forfeited enough$$$$ to pay for the whole damn thing and more.



You need to explain that to those who are so upset that Trump allegedly asked if it would be ok to put a particular person in charge of an investigation. Asking about it isn’t doing it.


Manafort was being investigated by career FBI before Mueller.


I want it released.

Also… being disappointed that there is nothing impeachable in there would mean that one believes that the purpose of the investigation was to find impechable offenses instead of finding out what happened in Russia influencing the election.


You cannot find a quote from a liberal anywhere who doesn’t want the report released and there are no liberals in a position to block it. By law, it is up to William Barr to determine whether it is released. Donald Trump, who has neither knowledge of or respect for law, has indicated that he has the authority to “correct” the report. The threats to bury the report are coming entirely from the right wing.

There’s enough already visible in the materials in the papers filed regardingn Manafort and Stone to make clear the extent to which conspiring with Russia benefited Donald Trump and we have not heard from half the people who have been granted immunity yet.

And then there’s the extensive obstruction of justice case that the New York Times documented this week.


this lib want’s it released. And won’t be disappointed. And won’t believe Mueller is in on a conspiracy. Like a liberal version of the ‘deep state’ nonsense.


I’ll leave the hypocrisy and lunacy to the cons.


I am not upset about it.

I honestly think that the President is so stupid that he doesn’t understand that wanting to replace the person who is in charge of an investigation against your lawyer with an ally could be obstruction.

And as we know… abject stupidity is a quality that we look for in our leaders.