You may be disappointed by the Mueller report


. Islamist trying to take over. The same people Obama was killing in IRAQ, SYRIA AND AFGHANISTAN…


Did you have the same anger when countless Iraqis were killed after the invasion? How about when Trump dropped the MOAB in Afghanistan? Did you have anger towards the potential hundreds of innocent people killed?

Trump went bankrupt 4 times, it showed an amazing lack of business knowledge, yet he touted his business acumen when running for President. And you pulled the lever for him.


I will respect the report Mueller submits whatever it says…

Can the trump worshippers say the same?


You understand that the trump defenders pretending to care about anyone in the middle east is just a game to stop talk about Mueller, right?

If you do, why do you take the bait?


Your love of barely coherent ramblings of snippets borrowed from conservative media isn’t really relevant.


So you believe the propaganda of a murderer, war criminal and child rapist over the assessment of our military?


Bankruptcy is a tool of business…


It’s a tool for screwing over others.


Does this mean you want the return of debtors prisons?


It is a tool -

Failure to forecast cash flow.
Failure to pay subcontractors and contractors
Failure to pay taxes and rent
Failure to pay utilities
Failure to pay employees

Lots of failure.

Amazingly, Trump came back…now of course a few of those subcontractors never came back. Many closed their businesses. But who cares about these people, right?


Nah. Just what you to admit that Trump used bankruptcy as a tool to make other people pay for his failures.

Making others pay the price of his failure is sorta his speciality.


Businesses should have the exact same bankruptcy rights as holders of student loans.

Businesses should have three strikes you’re out laws regarding bankruptcy tied not to the business itself but to their board of directors.

For each member of the board of an corporation, publicly traded or not, if it is the third or later bankruptcy of a business for which the person was on the board, he or she should be personally responsible to creditors in the amount proportional to his or her representation on the board.

That might keep multi-time losers like Donald Trump from bankruptcy shopping.


Yes… PG&E are going bankrupt…


From “The Hill” article, why Clapper says he (the intelligence community) were suspicious of Trump. This suspicion, added with an opposition research dossier, of course, are how this all started.

"Clapper, a frequent critic of Trump’s, said people in the intelligence community see a strange deference on the president’s part toward Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“The strange thing I think that has bothered a lot of people both in and out of the intelligence community is this strange personal deference to Putin by the president. I’ve speculated in the past that the way Putin behaves is to treat President Trump as an asset,” Clapper said Wednesday. "

So…this all began because these people thought that it was in their authority to determine the acceptable foreign policy of the country and not the purview of the newly elected government.

And I love how Clapper says maybe the Mueller report wont prove that Trump is colluding with Russia. IMO, if you have the biggest anti Trump brains in the legal community put together with a task of catching Trump in collusion for two years and they can’t prove it, that is proof enough of no collusion.



This is like, what, the 4th or 5th time for PG&E?


You nailed it. Just because Trump would say things like " wouldn’t it be nice, if we got along with Russia"… And why didn’t our intel do more to stop the rise of Putin to begin with…


I have no idea… But I guess they are evil for providing power to people.


Nice strawman in that deflection. It’s easy to burn down straw men.


I see you failed to address Trump’s bankruptcies and his “business acumen”.

Why is it bad that people voted for Hillary and her “amazing lack of judgment” but okay to vote for Trump and his “amazing lack of business acumen”?


If they release it libs can’t bludgeon the pres with it. It will never see the light of day if pres is fully cleared.

It’s how they roll…