You may be disappointed by the Mueller report


It’s not obstruction if he didn’t know it was obstruction.

That’s an interesting defense.



I just think that the President is too stupid to understand it.

Now… which is worse for people? That the President is a criminal or just very very stupid?


Of course it is. You and I can talk about it. Those people were plotting. Even setting the wire aside.


Yes… they can talk about it… especially in light of the how the events unfolded. It is perfectly rational to have a “What if” conversation and not act on it.

As far as the wearing the wire anecdote… Rosenstein and MacCabe do not agree on the narrative around it.

I guess we will have to wait until Rosenstein has a book to peddle to hear his side of the story.


There we go. Ends justifies the means.


And republicans


But, similar to what you were saying, wanting to do it isn’t doing it.


Defintiely be totally confident that the Mueller report isn’t gonna have anything in it. After all, it’s been like a whole eight weeks or something since it was revealed that Trump was directly negotiating with the Russians through a ■■■■■■■ mobster while running for president and half his closest confidants have been arrested.


The 25th is not a “what if” scenario.


To have a legal conspiracy they must be planning something illegal and have taken at least one step towards accomplishing that.
Setting a wire aside would qualify.


Of course it is.

There was basically 0% chance of it ever being carried out.

We would not have gotten a President Pence out of it.

But I have to think that knowing what we know about Flynn… that they probably know more and knew more then and after he was fired… the President fires Comey for basically not agreeing to go easy on Flynn and to “stop the Russia thing” … so… if I was in their position at the time I would think that we were entering crazytown and all options are on the table.

So take a deep breath and just realize that there was zero chance for the 25th amendment to be invoked and it was supremely stupid to even have a passing thought about it.

That doesn’t mean that they were attempting a coup or whatever someone wants to call it.


As I said.

The President is too stupid to understand that he was potentially tampering with an ongoing investigation.

I am perfectly fine with that explanation.

How about you?


For now, he is denying that happened. I am waiting for the NYTs to provide their evidence that it did.



It is complete out of the character for the President to do something like this.

Totally out of left field.


Its steele and Clinton paid an american firm


Comeys career


Give it a day or a week…he will throw you under the bus again as usual…and you will defend it…as usual


No, it isn’t. It is a “we have no other choice” scenario.

You want to impeach him, do it. At no point was Trump ever unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. You and they just don’t like the way he does it.

Too bad. You don’t get a FBI coup.




Please explain how it’s illegal to record Trump.