You know what I find hilarious

That the left is having total melt-down on our new house speaker Mike Johnson.

Now you’re all wondering why I’m laughing my ass off. Because you all got behind Gaetz to kick out McCarthy.

So blame yourselves libs…LOL blame yourselves.



Who’s “having a meltdown?”

I’m all for Speaker Johnson. I can’t wait for this season.

Are you guys happy with this?

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They are having a meltdown over Mike Johnson but dearly loved the Wicked Witch of the West (Pelosi).

If not for double standards and all that. :grinning:


I guess you haven’t been reading that other thread. I suspect in coming days it’s going to hit home…libs will be saying what the ■■■■ have we done.

And we’re just going to laugh at em.



What do you think he’s going to be able to do?

Obstruct legislation? McCarthy’s been doing that from day one.

There is quite literally nothing for Democrats to be afraid of.

I have noticed that you use that emoji quite a bit .

Is that supposed to pass as some sort of argument?

Just wondering.

I do use it a lot - and no, it’s not supposed to “pass as some sort of argument.”

My arguments do that.

The emoji just means I’m laughing at you.


Imaginary Libs




I can’t speak for the liberals in the OP’s mind, but I’ve got my popcorn ready.

Bring it on, Speaker Johnson. I’m hoping for some better plotlines this season.


That’s not what they’re really melting down over though, is it? :rofl: :face_vomiting:


One of two things will happen with Mike Johnson’s Speakership…

Either Johnson WILL NOT be able to get the GOP conference on board with funding for Israel, Ukraine and the Border and we see a government shutdown in 3 weeks and, in addition to that being frustrating and sad and weak, the GOP will take most of the blame for it.


Johnson will be presented legislation to provide funding for Israel, Ukraine and the Border that has been initiated by and endorsed by the White House, with support from the US Senate and Johnson WILL get the GOP conference on board and we do support our allies and fund the Border and keep the government open and, in addition to the US doing the right thing, the Biden White House will get most of the credit for it.

Admittedly, a little surprised that a guy who’s position on LBGT issues would keep him from being the CEO of all 500 of the S&P 500 companies is now Speaker of the House.

Does anybody know if they plan to keep the rule where only on Rep can call the vote to vacate?

Yes. Still in place.

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lol. i will enjoy the weakling johnson as speaker for the next 15 months.


Tsc…Tsc…Tsc…not nice.
I used Emoji to show how I FEEL. not to point it to or at anyone.

If I got this post decifered correctly…They should not keep it where one Rep can …etc. etc. That was a bad idea I hope they don’t.


What would the position of the top CEOs have to do with what the majority of the people prefer?



There is a third option.

Johnson, realizing the right thing to do is funding Israel, Ukraine and the Border passes the legislation with a majority of Dems and a handful of Rs and then Gaetz kicks him out of his position.

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