Yay! U.S. women's soccer team loses to Sweden!

America is weird.

Politicize your sport then go out and get shut out?
Tough ■■■■■ Like the hammer thrower that acted the fool while the 1st and 2nd place American gals stood on the podium hands over heart while the American National Anthem played. Another loser that politicized their sport.
Maybe the US Women’s Soccer team should focus on improving their team play rather than acting like stooges for a moronic ideology.

The gay ones?


Yes. Just shut up and play sport. This guy should heed your advice.

How about these police? shut up and do your job?

Yes, he should. You’re reinforcing the point that the sports figures who try to make their sport success into a platform for controversial bloviation, or who are simply out and out jerks, tend to attract disdain.

PS: Lebron James is doing his damnedest to join their ranks.

Next time that Mr Clean guy shows up in my kitchen I’m shooting his ass!

You don’t know that commercials aren’t real life?

Subliminal messaging is very real!

So you’d be cool with me coming up to your wife and saying skip the Burger for a salad?

In a commercial, or in real life?

Nobody would ever do half the ■■■■ you see in slapstick style commercials and of course I would not be okay with that.

I think it was about healthy eating, not fat shaming. I’m sorry your wife found it offensive and I disagree with her take on it.

Same messaging

Ahh but fat shaming on tv is acceptable? I thought this was the party or inclusiveness? Glad you support commercials that make people feel like ■■■■■

I already said I disagree that it was fat shaming and was about healthy eating. You expect a different answer now?

Liberal hypocrisy at its finest! I’ve talked to a dozen people about this commercial even my waitress at the airport and she agrees it’s about fat shaming, and making people feel fat for eating a burger the only ones defending this are hardcore leftists because ripinoe is one of them! Stay classy! Bet you wouldn’t be cool with a commercial making fun of a man using a woman’s bathroom!

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I am not a hardcore leftist.

Coulda fooled me brother

Maybe you should pay more attention.

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