Yay! U.S. women's soccer team loses to Sweden!

Yep. Whipped handily 3 to zip. Now, I typically root for the American team. Unless the American team turns into the crybaby anti American team. So this was a great game for me.

Maybe the U.S. team should have spent more time training and less time whining about how horribly oppressed they are in the U.S? Sorry Megan. You are not being oppressed or held back because you are lesbian. Most people don’t care. Quit acting like a martyr. Suck it up buttercup. Maybe they took their eyes off the ball and focused on wokism above soccer? What ever the reason. I’m hoping they stay off the podium so they do not have the opportunity to turn their backs on America.

Go world!


Never forget:


Here’s what Ms. Rapinoe actually whined about:

Not about being oppressed because she’s a lesbian.

Sorry the team lost.

Is that her only whine? Has she ever mentioned her Lesbianism being used against her?

She’s a professional whiner. It’s about more than money. Do some research.

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They are drawing bigger crowds than the men’s team and are not paid nearly as much. They are pissed. Damn capitalists! :wink:

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no she is a professional football player.

The trolling stops now.

American woman football perform better, draw better rating then the men why are they paid less?

Is everyone who is not all “Gung Ho America is perfect and greatest country ever !!!” anti American in your eyes?

does she not deserve the trophy for a tournament she won?


So don’t play for “sub-standard” pay.

NFL went on strike. MLB went on strike. Maybe women’s soccer should give it a try. :man_shrugging:

celebrating USA defeat? i hope this is not definition of patriotism.

I mean the American mans team is so good they didn’t even make the Olympics

Just like when the Cons were all giddy when Chicago didn’t get the Olympics when Obama was POTUS.

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Woman’s team are four time world champions, four time Olympics champions, 8 time North American regional champions.

the mans team is trash compared to them.

You are way off base here.

OR…get comparable pay.

Celebration of divisive comeuppance is as American as a 57 Chevy Bel Air.

Or strike. or expose this inequality.

Apparently they lost because of the absence of fans. :smile: (I guess no one told Sweden the stadium was empty.)