WSJ: Emails Show Roger Stone Seeking Clinton Emails from Wikileaks

Papadopoulus (spelling) was supposed to have been told by a Russian that they had the emails. Why would they go from themselves through a third party and then to Stone when they had already talked to someone in the campaign?
Why would the Trump campaign be soliciting Assange through a radio personality?
Really, the two concepts are mutually exclusive.

The same reason this white house is chaotic…lack of communication!

Personally I thought none of it should have gotten the attention it did because not only was it stolen but it was taken on the word of Wikileaks to be accurate. And there was no proof it was.

As for penalties, you can’t start telling reporters they can’t report. That’s against the First Amendment. On the other hand, they themselves can make judgments as to what they can write if they deem it not newsworthy.

Unperiod. The few cases that exist seem to say no legal responsibility unless the person receiving hacked emails was somehow involved in encouraging or supporting the hacking.

Well you know, receiving stolen merch is a crime so, that would be a yes I guess.

We need a special prosecutor to look into Roger Stone.

Don’t you agree?

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Not a thing here. Stone has talked about how he wanted to meet Assange and tried to contact him but was never able to. Once he joked about it to a friend,who thought he was serious. Stone has openly explained this many times.

There is nothing to it. He already answered questions about it. Nothing there.

People grasping at straws.

If he passed those emails to the media to get them wider distribution, is that not encouraging or supporting the hacking? And even if he didn’t, being in communication with them as an associate of Donald Trump allows for the fact that he had a reason to be in touch with them.

I’ll repeat what I said above and add if Stone was the direct conduit from Wikileaks, he’s the one who’s the guilty party.

It’s an incredible grasping at straws to absolve Stone of any responsibility. Stone contacted Assange and Wikileaks. He’s guilty as hell.

Sean Hannity contacted Assange, does that mean he has emails?

Stone, tried to contact Assange with no luck.

You are grasping at straws. Stone made no secret of trying to contact Assange.

He made a sarastic joke he was “talking to Assange.” And someone tought he was being serious. Very old news. He talked about that openly a longtime ago.

No. Really old accusations.

Which is exactly why he needs to be prosecuted. I don’t believe this was the only time nor was he not successful.

It wasn’t a joke.

You have no clue about it. This is all very old news. Stone himself wrote about guccifer 2.0. Not even a Russian.

Stone has been entirely open about it from beginning.

The thread is like 8 months to a year behind the times

When I talk to Assange, he always asks me for black licorice and Burger King Whoppers.

(see… that’s a joke. when a person says they talk to Assange, they might not actually have done it. It’s a weird kind of joke but… it’s a joke.)

He’s a con man and he’s got you fooled, doesn’t he?

Ridiculous. Stone didn’t get any emails, we weren’t all able to get once released. I suppose you never even read them.

Hillarys server was completely unprotected.