WSJ: Emails Show Roger Stone Seeking Clinton Emails from Wikileaks

Because it was not like they were not coming out anyway…

Kind of like erasing state department e-mails, or entering the country illegally. I guess only certain people have to obey the laws…

Undocumented immigrants are more patriotic to America than Roger Stone. They at least respect our country.

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I would think we’d see more Thomas Jefferson tee’s shirts instead of Che’ shirts when they protest, if that was true…

Thing about that is I want shady Democrats investigated unlike you who defends any wrongdoing committed by any Republican ever. Sorry but you are the only hypocrite defending criminals and swamp dwellers


You’ve defended the Obama IRS oppression forever…

If you say, so…

That can’t be it. You voted for a someone twice as corrupt.

The issue here is Wikileaks got the emails from guccifer the russian hacker and thus colluded with stone and others…

There you go…

maybe you can’t read. he didn’t ask the Russians.

It doesn’t matter whether he asked Wikileaks or Russia. Soliciting stolen goods is illegal, period.

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

except for reporters right?

So all the media outlets that took the stolen goods . . . . what should happen to them?

So any reporter that took the stolen information should be charged right?

No, the same standard should apply to all

Of course. He helped Trump.

If “the Trump campaign” was in collaboration with the Russians and the Russians had the emails then Stone wouldn’t be asking Assange for the emails, now would he?
Sort of tosses the Papa.,… thing that was supposed to start the ball rolling into the trash, doesn’t it?

OMG, Dougie by god you did it! Your bullet proof logic strikes again!

You solved the case! Someone get me Mueller stat!



Just in another thread you were talking about young kids with a bad education…then you say this garbage.

Trump campaign works with Russians…Russians work with Assange… Assange coordinates hacking with Russian involvement… Assange gains emails… Assange releases emails after telling Roger Stone about them