Would you want the Wall if..........?


Trump isn’t a conservative. He’s a life long democrat who suddenly became a politically active republican after Obama clowned him at the Correspondents Dinner. But I agree with his idea about pulling back some troops from overseas and some of his deregulation. Some. If you’re a conservative, how do you feel about his ballooning the debt and his tariffs?


Trump IS a democrat. He just “became” a republican after Obama clowned him.


For not being a Democrat, you constantly enjoy agreeing with them in pretty much every post I’ve ever seen you make.

Both parties are never going to let in a 3rd party like the Tea Party, or the Independent, or a Green Party. So people can call themselves whatever fancy words they want, but
there’s ultimately two choices in the end.


In the words of our esteemed host, it is absolutely “unbelievable” how his supporters who identify as conservatives so quickly and eagerly abandoned every principle they claimed as a life maxim for this clown.

“Because Democrats.”
“Because Clinton.”
“Because Obama.”

Okay, I guess.


Here’s another secret: disagreeing with Donald, ridiculing him for his stupid words and actions, and finding precious little about him that’s admirable doesn’t make a person a Democrat.

It just means they see Donald for what he is.


Trump has a loooong way to go before he catches up to Obama.

Under Obama and the Democrats our national debt went from around 11 trillion to 19.

I agree with the tariffs put on countries like China. It will bring a lot more jobs back to America. And it was either Japan, or China that was already doing that to us anyways. They would tax anything that America would Export to them, so it would be harder to compete in their market money wise.

To bad we didn’t have a President do this a long time ago! That way the market in general, but especially the car market would have been able to survive, and place like Detroit would be a lot better place to live!


The debt went up $8 trillion (in a recession) under Obama in 8 years. It’s went up $2.7 trillion in Trump’s first 17 months in a good economy. Trump is way ahead of Obama.


If he’s a Democrat, then he’s one of the first Democrats in this country that has
helped America overall, than hurt it overall, in a loooong time.

I had to say that part also. Trump looks like a Saint compared to the wicked and evil Clintons. That’s why Democrats hate when Republicans bring up the Clintons.
Because they’d much rather forget the Clintons, and throw them under the bus.
From a news stand point, and a Republican stand point of having something to use against Democrats from a moral stand point the Clintons are like gold! They’re the gift that keeps giving in that aspect. lol. I want Hillary to run again in 2020 for President!


Job safety under Trump. Black Unemployment, Hispanic Unemployment at an all time low, more jobs in the market, lower gas prices.

Terrorism, open borders, fear, printing money, the economy, the housing market, etc.
Under Obama, and the Democrat Party. Benghazi, Obamacare Socialism pushed on people who didn’t want it.

I think I’ll take Trump. Supposedly if the economy was made better by Obama, you would think that within sometime of that 8 horrible years under Obama and the Dem Dem’s that we would have seen a lot of “Change” in a good way for the economy a lot quicker???

It is ironic that under the Trump administration that the economy got better so quickly? lol

It’s because it wasn’t Obama, it was Trump helping the economy.
That would be the logical explanation.


And like clockwork, you embrace and repeat the very thing I’m calling you out for. And without a hint of awareness.


What was so horrible under Obama? He inherited the 2nd worst economy in American history and turned it around. I became a millionaire with Obama as president. Don’t know what you all complained about.


Ah. Well, that would explain a lot. If you became a millionaire under Obama,
it doesn’t matter about other people, or America, you got yours right?

So Obama will always be perfect in your mind, and through your eyes.


He wasn’t perfect. He made a lot of mistakes. However saying the economy and everything else was terrible under his administration is completely false. Bush is the POTUS you should really be mad at. And I got mine working hard in the Army for 20 years, saving a lot of money and then investing and managing it well.


Well, Thank you for your service.




So you agree that we need a wall?


Why did Reagan ask gorbachov to tear down his wall


I’m Objective. I didn’t like Bush either.

I believe that the economy was worse under Obama than the Bush’s.

It’s just Obama had 8 year to flip the Economy around, and it didn’t really happen,
and yet Democrats say the Economy now is in large part to do with Obama and the Democrats.
I find it ironic that 8 years past, and hardly nothing, and then Trump took office and so very quickly the Economy and Jobs have gotten so much better. I think that it’s pretty logical overall who the President was that flipped the economy around.


The answer to all of your questions is no.


So you want a Socialist America?