Would you want the Wall if..........?

Would you want a border wall if………………?

If you lived right along the border and saw the worst of the crime, etc. first hand,
would you want a border wall then?

Would you want a border wall if your spouse, or any of your children got raped
or murdered by an illegal immigrant?

Would you possibly want a border wall if one of your friends or family died from
a drug overdose from illegal drugs coming over from the borders?

Would you want a wall if you had to live next to a drug lord?

Would you want a wall if Obamacare made you pay for free healthcare for anyone in the world that wanted to come to America and get it for free?

Would you want a border wall if by doing so, you knew that ultimately you’d be protecting
the United States of America from becoming a Socialist country?

Which wall? The concrete wall? The fence? The steel slats? What part of the border? If it requires eminent domain? In rugged hilly rural sections? Over Indian land? How long will it take?

Can we see a plan? Any plan??

So is that a yes or a no? to any of the questions?

I have no idea what “a wall” means. Do you?

Well, I would describe it as something built to protect the American people in this case.

A structure of materials built to protect the people within America.

Yeah thats not enough. Its like if a security guy came to your house and said hey its gonna cost a lot of money but its gonna be amazing. And I say…OK so what are we talking about? And he says…well…you’re gonna love it. I can’t give the details but you’re gonna love it. Would you sign the contract?

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Better a security guy that’s ganna give ya results and actually build a wall(aka me, aka Trump), than someone that pretends to be a security guard(The Democrat Politicians), charges you triple the real security guard, and gives you no results, and simply just steals your money.

You know, how the Democrat Politicians act like they care about border security, but then they get caught telling border patrol agents to not go to certain areas that are statistically a lot more likely to have traffic with illegal immigrants?

It always seems to be enough if a Democrat politician does it, but not if a
Republican does it. Why is that?

Isn’t that called a double standard? Irrational, Illogic, and immoral?

Within the context of Donald’s wall? No. Throwing 5 billion dollars at a fantasy that has shown nothing in terms of practical logisitics is delusional.

It’s like having someone at your door saying if you give him 50,000 he’ll provide you with a fire breathing dragon that prevents theft and rape. And when you say “Can I get some details about this dragon?” he shuts you down with “Why do you like thieves and rapists so much?”

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Over we could just do what Democratic Politicians suggest and do the same old thing?

You know, fly drones over them, and take them in. Well, then we can either take them back across the border, and the next day they’ll be back again. Literally, CBS or something covered the border one time, and the Mexican illegal man said, I’ll see you tomorrow jokingly to the border agent. Why would he say that? simple, because they keep trying to get into America Illegally until they succeed!

The Democrats would prefer to just give them sanctuary cities, and refuge, and have America pay for everything for them.

owe, and waste billions of dollars doing it as well, under the Democratic politicians.
You know, the spending that Nancy and Chuck already passed through the house and Senate?

So from a Legal stand point, Trump has every right to Declare a State of Emergency!
It was already passed! Therefore, it’s a standing order.

The definition of INSANITY is doing the exact same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. And that is what the Democrats are suggesting we do.

What’s insane is throwing 5 billion taxpayer dollars on a poorly conceived, forever shifting campaign device and thinking it a panacea.

Donald has conned you utterly.

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No I would not.

And how much did Nancy and Chuck waste? I’m pretty sure that it was a lot more than 5 billion.

And we all see how that turned out.

If we can give the Democrat Party a chance to do things their way on things, then what is
wrong giving Trump a chance doing it his way? That’s equality is it not? I thought that is what Democrats stood for? Equality?

Here is the proper analogy to explain someone who supports a wall being built.

What we have here are a group of people who are worried about the potential for someone to break into thier house and steal something, all while ignoring the exchange student they INVITED into thier home selling thier ■■■■ out from under them.

The guy sneaking into the house isn’t nearly as big a threat as the guy who is already here…and was allowed to be here legally.

You want to throw 5 billion taxpayer dollars at a campaign device that Donald hasn’t even done a convincing sales job on.

You have been conned, Abra.

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So kinda like the illegal immigrant that killed the legal immigrant cop?

Is that what you’re saying? So Illegal Immigrants from
every other country in the world should have more rights than American citizens that
are here legally.

8 Trillion in national Debt is a lot worse than 5 Billion for giving the President of the United
States Of America a chance.

We tried trusting Obama and the Democratic Party, and they failed miserably on the border.
Why can’t we just give Trump a chance doing it his way?

No wall needed. I sent thoughts and prayers.


The same wall that the Congresspeople from border districts don’t want?