Would you want the Wall if..........?


That isn’t even close to what I said.

Apparently, analogies aren’t your thing. Maybe you should stick to campaign rhetoric that people won’t be stuck to.


Are you often in the habit of trusting a proven liar and a thief, or are Donald’s sweet nothings about a campaign device?

Because Obama? That’s a really stupid reason to trust Donald.


What’s an analogy?

Cam…Campaign rhetoric?


So if some illegal immigrants commit crimes (and obviously some do) than all immigrants and asylum seekers are criminals. By that logic, the actions of a few MAGA hat wearers in Charlottesville make all MAGA hat wearers into racists and anti-Semites. If one antics protestor breaks a window, all Democrats are rioters. We need to treat people as people, not as categories.

As often repeated, the rate of crime among native borne Americans is higher than the rate of crime among immigrants, legal and undocumented. So when you focus on crimes committed at a lower rate does that mean you don’t care about police officers who are killed by citizens?

This whole line of reasoning is silly at best.


Well, obviously I wasn’t the only “stupid” person that trusted Donald.

He got elected President, because the Democratic Politicians kept screwing America!


Do you take solace in the fact that you weren’t the only one who got conned…because that is how that statement comes off.

That said, it doesn’t mean you were any less conned.

Beware Nigerian Princes with money to give you…


That’s not very nice to put words in my mouth that I never said.

Not all illegal aliens are criminals. Everybody knows that.

They shouldn’t be here illegally in the first place.


While intellectually dishonest, it’s much easier to put people in boxes than to actually engage in real thought and discussion.


Read it again. I said constantly referring back to Obama as your reason for trusting Donald is a stupid reason.

Stop letting Donald use you and your fantasy for a wall that never would come to pass even when the GOP controlled Congress. He’s playing on your fears, and you’re letting him.


I prefer to live in my little bubble of Conservatism, where things make logical and moral sense.

However you chose to live is entirely up to you.


Anarchy, Socialism, Terrorism.

The Democratic Party never play on anyone’s fears.

I’m tired of getting ****** from the Democratic Party.
Mr. Trump tries to keep his promises. So my friend, I’m going with him.


“Not all illegal aliens are criminals.” You’ve lost the rhetorical thread. The fact that they entered the United States illegally means they are all criminals. The fact that numerous businesses hire them to keep cost down, well that complicates matters.

My point was that you cannot make policy based on the worst actions of a few people in a group, which is what you re doing. What words did I put in your mouth. I was reasoning by analogy, not committing verbal dentistry!


I have firearms for protection. I believe in using tools that are effective.


I am astounded how anyone would ever trust the promises of a man who lies as easily as some breathe, who breaks trust as often as some eat.

Wives, business associates, partners, the voter - Donald has betrayed them all. And he’s betrayed you too.


You got me there.

When I was thinking “criminals” I was thinking of them doing more than being in the country illegally. I thought that is what we were talking about, but I’m glad that we can agree
that them being here illegally is a crime.


I suppose if we started shooting people coming across the border illegally that would likely be a stronger deterrent and clearly much less expensive.


2nd Amendment! Alright!

I wouldn’t tell your Democrat friends that you own a gun. You may get a lecture from them, or lose a couple of friends that way.


We can agree as long as we agree that crime is crime applies to all people.

When Donald Trump brought undocumented workers to New York to work on Trump Tower that was a crime. When Donald Trump e-mailed “I love it” to a Russian invitation to meet to discuss dirt on Hillary Clinton that was entering into a criminal conspiracy.

No one gets the extra rights you are so worried about. Criminals are criminals regardless of country of origin or political affiliation.


Well, that’s not very nice. I may not like certain things that he does, but he is my President,
and I do believe that he will protect and help my Lady Liberty.


Democrats don’t own guns?