Would you want the Wall if..........?


There you go again, treating people as categories rather than individuals. Plenty of Democrats would ask what you carry and talk about the relative usefulness of gun choices. Most Americans would simply be nonplussed, since the number of gun owning households is dwindling (number of guns in gun-owning households is way up)


You’re freaking awesome for saying that! That really made me laugh!


Of course they do, but their politicians like to complain and whine about them also.


There’s certainly nothing nice about it, no. Donald lied to you, is continuing to lie to you, and you are refusing to call him on it.

You want 5 billion dollars thrown at a campaign device.

Donald will not get you a magical wall.
Donald will not prosecute Clinton.
Donald will not give you Trumpcare.

I presume at least his ex-wives got a great deal of cash putting up with his lies. You will get nothing, and yet you still trust and adore him.


Lol - interestingly, I haven’t lost any democratic friends, even though they know I’m a staunch conservative.

I have lost a bunch of republican friends though - since I chose conservatism over Republicanism and jumped ship to become independent.


Well if the walls not going to be magical, then I don’t know if I want it any more.

Why so much hate for Donald Trump? Obama and the Dem Politicians ****** me, but
you don’t see me hating everything about them.
There are some things(very few) that I actually agree with them on.

Is there anything that you agree with Trump on? Or is everything automatically just hatred from you towards him, and everything he stands for or believes?


You don’t really sound Conservative, but cool?


He’s actually very conservative. He just doesn’t mindlessly follow a New York liberal.


I admit that Trump isn’t perfect.
So I don’t know how I’m “mindlessly” following him?

Do you “mindlessly” follow Democrat Politicians?


I’m not a democrat.


What would you consider yourself then ideologically?


A left leaning libertarian.


Don’t mistake a simple acknowledgement of what Donald is with hate.

He’s a liar, a cheat, and a thief, and he’s utterly incompetent as a leader. That’s not hate, it’s an acceptance of reality.

Here’s a secret - it’s not just the wall that’s a campaign device for Donald. It’s everything he claims to believe in. Caring for veterans? Campaign device. Healthcare for all and at a fraction of the cost? Campaign device. Hugging flags and condemning athletes who kneel? Campaign device.

The only thing Donald’s demonstrated an interest in and affection for and desire to promote is himself. That’s not hate - that’s being observant of a man’s behavior over the course of decades.

Is there anything about Donald I like? I suppose it’s a good thing he exposed certain conservative tropes as utterly bogus: namely, “values and principles,” “fiscal responsibility,” and “bold, contrasting colors.” Conservatism as espoused and practiced by Donald and his ardent believers is so similar to liberalism it’s difficult to see much difference in shading.


Which is just a fancier version of saying you’re a Socialist Democrat.

If you’re a libertarian, what Conservative things do you believe in?


How many politicians were expose before Trump got into office?

How many politicians called out other Politicians wrong doings, and how often, before Trump came along?


Very few so-called conservative politicians were called out for being little different than liberal ones before Donald, largely because no one has demonstrated the lie of “bold contrasting colors” better than he has given that they continue to meekly follow his lead as he continually trashes everything conservatives used to claim they cared about.


How many Liberal Politicians have you seen call out other Liberal Politicians?


Fiscal responsibility.
Free markets.
Individual liberty.
Social non-authoritarianism.
Rule of law.


So name 2 things that you agree with Trump on, that he’s done right in your eyes?


What difference does it make, Abra? Stop looking for equivalencies in the party you hate.

I’ve told you this before but you seem to forget each time so I’ll keep repeating it - I’m not registered with the Democratic Party. I never have been. I trust them as often as I do the GOP, which essentially is never. So your continued deflections of “But the Democrats! But the Democrats!” falls on deaf ears.

Donald is a liar, a cheat, and a thief, and he has destroyed conservatism or at least the illusion that so-called conservatives believed in such things as principles and fiscal responsibility. You yourself are ready to allow him to take 5 billion in taxpayer monies and for what? The illusion of security via the promise of an ill-defined wall that Donald has never stopped shifting his stance on in terms of who pays for it, how long it is, and what it’s made of.

Donald’s no better than a Democrat, and in many ways he’s worse. He’s given you absolutely no reason to trust his word on anything and yet you continue to trust him. Because “Democrats,” apparently. It’s astounding in that you aren’t alone in this ridiculous trust in a shabby con man who isn’t even making an effort to conceal the fact that he’s playing all of his supporters for suckers.