Would you want the Wall if..........?


Umm… no.

I’m curious about the logical steps you took to come to that conclusion.


Because you answered no to everything, and below is one of the questions that I asked.


Oh, you’re right.

I didn’t bother reading to the bottom of your asinine post.

Would you eat dinner tonight, if it meant you knew that Donald Trump would be abducted by aliens and rectally probed for the next hundred years?


Why is it that the Republicans are the ones that always have to compromise
when it comes to building the wall, and the Democratic Politicians
aren’t willing to budge under any circumstances?

I thought the Democratic Politicians wanted unity, and to work together
with the Republican Politicians?


A year ago, nearly all Senate Dems voted for a bill to fund the border wall in exchange for a path to citizenship for DACA recipients. It was blocked by Trump.

The facts contradict your assertion.


Compromise means giving up something to the other side in exchange for something that you want. What are Republicans offering Democrats in exchange for funding the wall?


I live close to the border…we have an extensive fence system already.


You mean the FENCE we have all along the CA/MX border? Already?


Its telling that a majority of people closest to the border, do not want a wall.


Me too and the only illegal crossings I’ve ever witnessed (on multiple occasions) were immigrants who grouped together then rushed the vehicle checkpoint area.


If such an illegal alien’s mother had been allowed to have a legal abortion…that too is something that might have prevented the officer’s death…just like a wall might have prevented the officer’s death.


Occam’s Razor


Today’s conservative republican world is in no way moral.


Wait… you are accusing Democrats of crying “Anarchy!”, “Socialism!”, “Terrorism!” to play on people’s fears?



Like “speeding” is a crime. Like parking in a handicap zone is a crime.


They didn’t vote for a wall, they simply voted for more “border security”.
Like drones flying over heads.


Several things. One of which included Daca.


Untrue. You should have looked it up before replying.


Yet another who seems to ignorantly think that democrats don’t own guns or support people’s rights to have them. Its like a broken jukebox.


No. There is no evidence that a border wall would prevent any of these scenarios from occurring. Twice as many illegals enter the country through legal channels that the wall would do nothing to prevent. Of course that data comes from a hotbed of liberalism, the Department of Homeland Security.