Would you trade a wall for Medicare for all


No, Cato came up with number and discovered it would be cheaper than what is now spent on healthcare, private and public.


What is a branded heart surgery?


What kind of plans will be available? Different levels of coverage? If your not child bearing years do you have to get a policy that covers that? Some Doctors now don’t accepte medicare – would all Doc’s be required to accept it or not practice?


Sometimes the right does the work for you.


First you guys are talking about socialism becoming more popular and now you’re saying they’re actually opposed to it. Make up your minds.


Your heart isn’t sponsored by Anthem or Kaisar?


I know that libertarians do the work for me in every argument they make.


I would hope it isn’t.


lol, yeah there you go. In the face of calamity it might just be someone’s responsibility to do something.


I don’t know if plans are involved UHC as is it commonly conceived.


Yeah, there are no plans.


What Forbes article, you linked to Bloomberg but yes I did read it. Did you read the Vox one? It destroys the narrative you’re trying to put forth. Cato says that medicare for all would save the country money not cost it more.


You are absolutely correct, young lady.


Maybe Bandaid Brand. :smile:


keke huffington post :couple_with_heart_woman_man::tooth:


That’s interesting how that works every time I ever post an article from CATO, it gets condemned here as Koch Brothers funded right wing garbage.


Going to need more than one Band-Aid for something like that.


Cato tried backtracking.


I take it that you don’t agree with the conservative think-tank’s assessment? What did they get wrong?


I agree that it is a pathetic copout when posters try to refute a source without commenting on the actual content.

Oh wait oops, that’s embarrassing. Almost as embarrassing as making the 2 posts back to back :sweat_smile: